A Glimpse into the Culture of UFO

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A Glimpse into the Culture of UFO by Mind Map: A Glimpse into the Culture of UFO

1. Collective Community

1.1. Collective contribution

1.1.1. Everyone gets a say in decision-making, both musical and non-musical Ex: Deciding how to end "17"

1.2. Open communication

1.2.1. Very straightforward communication in rehearsals and on stage

1.2.2. Comfort in performing solos spontaneously at the instant suggestion of a bandmate

1.3. Respect

1.3.1. Acknowledge that each person is the expert of his instrument

1.3.2. Evidence of supporting one another Help with set-up/break-down of instruments and equipment

1.4. Efficiency

1.4.1. Rehearsal process is very productive and fluid

1.4.2. Transitions on stage are seamless

2. Audience Driven

2.1. Set list formation

2.1.1. Conscientious construction of set lists so that audiences don't get bored or too worn out

2.1.2. Wants to write new material so that regulars don't get bored

2.2. Interaction with audience

2.2.1. Adaptations for specific audiences (e.g., lyrics)

2.2.2. Encourages audience to dance and have fun

2.2.3. Expresses thanks and gratitude

2.3. Variety of venues

2.3.1. Family events (canoe picnic)

2.3.2. City bars (Logan House)

2.3.3. Performance cafes (World Cafe Live)

3. Honesty & Integrity

3.1. Organic expression

3.1.1. No editing

3.1.2. Instantaneous expression

3.2. Honest communication with audience and each other

3.2.1. The "jam" aspect shows vulnerability and honest musical output

3.3. Improvisation

3.3.1. Keeping solos "in the moment" and spontaneous

4. Band Member Identity

4.1. Roles within band

4.1.1. Manager

4.1.2. Front man

4.1.3. Creative artist

4.2. Musicianship

4.2.1. Determination for accuracy (Gavin with bass rhythm on 7/28)

4.2.2. Blayne with practice habits (practicing in 12 keys, etc.)

4.3. Goals

4.3.1. Release CD

4.3.2. Travel

4.3.3. New material

4.3.4. New territory

5. Motivations

5.1. Love of performing

5.1.1. Perform in as many groups as possible (Andrew)

5.1.2. Lifelong dream (Blayne)

5.1.3. Considers music to be his full-time commitment even though he is a full-time teacher (Andrew)

5.2. Execution of training; formal education

5.2.1. Most members (Blayne, Andrew, Brett, John, Reid) have formal higher ed music training

5.2.2. Training helps with knowledge of theory; scales/modes

5.3. Multi-talented abilities

5.3.1. Multiple instruments (Blayne, Andrew, Reid)