Hey Bulldog

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Hey Bulldog by Mind Map: Hey Bulldog

1. Theme: Group Dynamic/Attitude

1.1. Familial/Social

1.1.1. relationship between members

1.1.2. musical communication

1.2. Opinion of Hey Bulldog

1.2.1. Opinion of members

1.2.2. What's changed in 10 years?

1.3. Roles in band

1.3.1. leadership individual roles Pat's role Jeff's role Gerry's Role Tommy's Role Pete's Role Who's in charge?

1.3.2. fighting

1.3.3. Management

1.4. Substitutes

2. Theme: Performing the Music

2.1. Reasons For Participating

2.1.1. Perks/Motivators Money/Career Impact of Audience Familial aspect

2.1.2. Challenges Marketing

2.2. Creativity/Interpreting songs

2.2.1. considering the audience

2.2.2. creative decisions developing unique sound deciding what songs to play recording Using lyrics

2.2.3. Beatles knowledge

2.3. Preparing/rehearsing

2.3.1. learning music musical background learning by singing/ear

2.3.2. the rehearsal process

3. Theme: Impact of Outside Influences

3.1. Members with families

3.1.1. family impact on group members with children, spouses single members

3.1.2. family attitudes toward group

3.2. Original projects

3.2.1. impact of projects on band The Anderson Council Big Wake Tommy's solo project

3.2.2. cover bands vs. original bands

3.3. Other Cover bands

3.3.1. Beatles Tribute Bands The Fab Faux The "wax museum"

3.3.2. comparing Hey Bulldog to other cover acts