Wilson's Promontory National Park overnight stay for Grades 5&6

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Wilson's Promontory National Park overnight stay for Grades 5&6 by Mind Map: Wilson's Promontory National Park overnight stay for Grades 5&6

1. A fun game that incorporates using maps and compasses or GPS units to find "caches" in which you write your username

2. Movement

2.1. Bush walking

2.2. Geocaching

2.2.1. Create temporary geocache to introduce students Quick activity (~20-30 minutes)

2.2.2. Find existing geocache

2.2.3. Create our own trackable cache Class vote on placement Class vote on desired destination, e.g. another national park or other environmentally significant area

2.2.4. Safety and respect when geocaching We don't let others know what we are doing We don't places caches in dangerous areas or areas where looking for them will hurt the environment

2.3. 2-3 hours

3. Environment

3.1. Environmental appreciation

3.1.1. Night walk 1 hour Loo Ern Track

3.1.2. Beachwalk Norman Bay OR Why the name Tidal River? Rockpools Seaweed Distribute "Beachcomber" sheets to groups of students and see how many of the items they can find during walk Squeaky Beach Talk about why the sand squeaks 1 hour

3.2. Threatening processes

3.2.1. Bushfire Talk to DSE/CFA firefighter Black Saturday and the 2009 Victorian bushfires Controlled burns Recovery Why are camp fires banned?

3.2.2. Invasive species Northern Pacific Seastars Discovered in Tidal River Estuary for the first time in May 2011 Foxes and Rabbits What impact do these invasive species have on WPNP? Why aren't we allowed to take pets into WPNP? Cinnamon Fungus

3.3. Threatened species within WPNP

3.3.1. Why are we told to stay on the tracks when walking?

3.3.2. Museum field guide to Flora and Faurna app Orange bellied parrot Hooded plover Biodiversity assessment

4. Community

4.1. Boon Wurrung, Bunurong and Gunaikurnai identify the Wilsons Promontory National Park as their Traditional Country

4.1.1. WPNP was part of the tribal lands of the Brataualung Last members of the tribe were displaced by European settlers

4.1.2. Look at finding an Indigenous elder from one of these tribes to speak to class about WPNP history

4.1.3. Wilsons Promontory is part of a spiritually significant land called Yiruk or Wamoon

5. Sustainability

5.1. Why should we make sure our use of WPNP is sustainable?

5.2. Discuss tourism developments within WPNP

5.2.1. Why aren't there any big hotels/resorts? Do students think they are needed? What are the pros and cons?

5.3. 1 hour