PPC Marketing Landscape - Based off 2012 Millard Brown Research

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PPC Marketing Landscape - Based off 2012 Millard Brown Research by Mind Map: PPC Marketing Landscape - Based off 2012 Millard Brown Research

1. PPC people & products rate significantly better than PPC processes and service procedures

2. Stakeholders

2.1. Retails Sales People

2.2. Journalists

2.3. Investors

2.4. Employees

2.5. Consumers and General Public

2.6. Specialists

2.6.1. Students

2.6.2. Academics

2.6.3. Engineers

2.6.4. Archetics

2.6.5. Property Developers Home Builder Small, informal builders Black owned LSM 5 - 7 Building of small homes, alterations and additions Suburban Home Builder Small building contractor Less than 20 employees Formal business Operating for profit LSM 7-10 Large Housing Developer Large contracting enterprises Housing developments More than 250 employees Insights As a builder, I am building my reputation. As a builder I am as good as my last job. My customers are building a legacy for their families, therefore I need a product that is high quality and that will enable me to achieve high customer satisfaction

2.6.6. Construction

2.6.7. Procurement People

2.7. Government

2.8. Leadership

2.9. Industry Organisations

3. Challenges

3.1. In-House Brands

3.2. Cheaper Products

3.3. Consumers have more choices

3.3.1. Retail – DOB’s taking market share from PPC as they are endorsed by retailers

3.3.2. End consumer buying cheaper brands – blenders growing especially in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and now Coastal regions (EC&WC)

3.3.3. Imports attacking the coastal markets

3.3.4. Effect More choice, multiple brands being bought and low brand loyalty

3.4. Competitors competing on price

3.4.1. E.g. NPC responding to imports by decreasing their price by up to 30% in response

3.5. Retailers require customised offers from suppliers (treat me differently)

3.6. Challenger brands copying PPC innovations:

3.6.1. AfriSam launched a 15% more concrete products in response to PPC

3.6.2. Lafarge also upgraded their general purpose cements in line with the trend

3.7. PPC Brand Properties under threat:

3.7.1. Red Brand Colour battle in cement. Afrisam creative speaking about choose the red one

3.7.2. Lafarge Zambia: Elephant branding

3.8. AfriSam launching their products in the Western Cape for the first time in Oct/Nov

3.9. Lafarge claiming they are the No.1 brand

3.10. Growing importance of green construction solutions

4. Points of differentiation

4.1. 25% more

4.2. Quality

4.3. PPC Cement offers you total expert cement solutions from superior quality products which offer you strength, consistent performance and value for money to superior technical services

4.4. We continue to provide all personnel with necessary skills to ensure improved and consistent focus on you as a valued customers

4.4.1. Supporting Existing Customers Delivery Tracking Loyalty Program Gamification

4.5. We strive to continually engage with all relevant stakeholders (e.g. public, government etc. ) through coherent and effective policies and practices in environment responsibility, enterprise development, empowering and educating small business, and community involvement.

5. Marketing Communications

5.1. Promotional Campaigns/Competitions

5.1.1. A Ton of Celebrations

5.1.2. More n More

5.1.3. Building Better Homes

5.1.4. Mobile App

5.2. Brand Communications

5.2.1. Public Relations Brand Heritage Business Growth/Success Stories Company News CSI Patriotism Community Participation

5.2.2. Brand Associations Sponsorships Arts Sports Initiatives Architectural Events Consumer Events Industry Events/Conferences Brand Ambassadors Suzanne Heynes Tanya Visser

5.2.3. Annual Report

5.3. Technical Marketing

5.3.1. Projects Case Studies

5.3.2. C3

5.4. Human Resources

5.5. Objectives

5.5.1. brand should be in relevant platforms that will reach the target markets Innovative touchpoints: The brand should be in ‘unexpected’ but relevant touchpoints for the target segments Talkability that enables the brand to enjoy ‘word of mouth’ in the market

5.5.2. Look into relevant topical issues and annual calender activities for the brand that will increase awareness

5.5.3. Recommend burst frequency that will deliver the brand targets

5.5.4. Diverse Communications Mix

5.6. Customer Service

5.6.1. PPC currently has a customer database (Consumers, Builders, contractors, industry experts) that should be utilized effectively – Mobile and Online Agencies need to come up with a 12 month plan on how we will activate and continuously build relationships with these customers.

6. Brand Direction

6.1. Product Intrinsic Focus

6.2. Brand Objectives

6.2.1. To be widely acknowledged as having superior quality products – as measured through strength, consistent performance and value for money. Marketing Platform: PPC products guarantee legendary quality, consistent performance and excellent value to deliver the best results for the customer.

6.2.2. To beat the competitor in “quality-of-call” at all touch- points to reinforce the brand’s values. Superior customer experience in all segments and markets is central to PPC’s drive to achieve competitive advantage and a unique brand

6.2.3. To provide skilled, capable people at all levels in the PPC value chain, who live the brand, and focus on the customer PPC is a solution-driven company, with accessible and knowledgeable people who are ready to engage and understand what customers’ needs are, and who ensure successful closure for every query

6.2.4. To engage with relevant stakeholders (e.g. public, government etc) through coherent and effective policies and practices in environmental responsibility, enterprise development, empowering and educating small business, community involvement. PPC is an admired and responsible corporate citizen that engages with all communities to build a positive and sustainable future for all

6.2.5. To drive brand loyalty and advocacy in key segments. PPC is a foundation of trust, built on a 120-years of assisting businesses and improving the lives of people

6.2.6. To have a clear understanding of the needs and realities of a developing continent, populated by widely divergent customer types. Measured by the existence of customer insight and actionable market information. PPC is the industry leader in Africa through innovative products and services that provide real benefits that customers ask for

6.3. Brand Value Proposition

6.3.1. PPC product quality builds to last, PPC customer excellence enables sustainability in our customers’ businesses building is a huge undertaking for customers, and therefore product quality is vital customers need solutions not just products its own success is built on the customer’s success good customer relationships drive its future growth to stay ahead, it has to be innovative, and lead in technology and cement/concrete solutions the skills and commitment of its people to customers are central to its success it is an important contributor to building sustainable communities its products and solutions must recognize environmental responsibility

6.4. Brand Positioning

6.4.1. Branding the Experience Ensuring quality of experience at every touch point incl. post- purchase experience. Crafting the desired experience at touch-point levels. Expertise, simplicity, relevance and clarity (guidance and what to do) Hedonic Experential Vicarious

6.4.2. Branding the Person User-Image Brand Personality What the Elephant embodies is key and central to our brand bringing warmth to cement, reliable, innovative, caring, trustworthy, passionate, intelligent, up-to-date and with a unique African strength and perspective. Ensuring these principles are driven through various touch-points. Values Attitudes

6.4.3. Branding the Function Efficiency Product delivers best against the attributes that customers want Superior Product strength: Utility PPC cement gives more value per square meter of end use than any other brand Value Intrinsics

6.4.4. Branding the Relationship Contact Nature Lifestyle Goals How can we help you achieve your goals/ambition/satisfied customer Helping our customers to achieve high customer satisfaction through an excellent product quality backed by great service Empathy

6.5. Branding Mission

6.5.1. Increase brand equity and build customer equity through clear differentiation of the brand by delivering a superior brand experience at every touch point

6.5.2. 1. Differentiate the brand by focusing on the total brand offering

6.5.3. 2. Drive superior customer experience at every touchpoint inr ealtime

6.5.4. 3. Lead in sustainable building & construction excellence

6.5.5. 4. Drive brandloyalty and advocacy internally and externally

7. Customer Relationship Analysis

7.1. Assess and re-engineer processes to work smarter

7.2. Map the ‘customer journey’ at each touch-point and establish process templates

7.3. Reduce and eventually eliminate manual work-arounds

7.4. Set up query logging, tracking and closure protocols

7.5. Identfy key levers for customer & shopper convenience (the issues that make a difference in perception) and become best-in-class in these