composition 2

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composition 2 by Mind Map: composition 2

1. upon seeing the scene my parents ran towards me n gave me a mega ultimate bear hug.

2. soulution

3. decided to take my mom's cane n tiptoed towards the theif that was just about to tie the maid up.

3.1. wacked theif continuesly 20 times with all my might .

4. events

4.1. maid was watching television

4.1.1. too engrossed in watching the television

4.2. did not hear footsteps

4.3. shouted at the top of her eyes

4.3.1. she saw the theif

4.4. I heard her screams

4.4.1. plucked courage and left the door a jar

4.5. terrified I shut the door immediatly

4.5.1. fear clinged my heart n beadsof perspiration streamed down my face

4.6. thief lay unconscious on the floor

4.6.1. I untied the maid quickly n ran up to my room with the maid hid in acorner n locked the door

4.7. the maid had suffered from shock attack and could not utter a word

4.7.1. I had to call the police myself

5. conclusion

6. night

7. lake