Big Commision Formula

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Big Commision Formula by Mind Map: Big Commision Formula

1. Email Conversions

1.1. High converting email swipes that turns your prospects into buyers

1.2. Tell Stories

1.3. Give them Incentives to Buy

1.4. Scaricity

2. Squeeze page that converts 40% and higher

2.1. You can outsource this

2.2. There are great plugins for quick easy squeeze pages

2.3. You Don't want to offer anything for free on your squeeze page. Just offer a opportunity.

2.4. Need a bridging page that Brands you . stands out from the rest

3. Roadblocks to success

3.1. Lack Of Knowledge

3.1.1. Techinical Stuff Youtube

3.1.2. Marketing Follow Leaders in the Indusrty

3.2. Lack Of Confidence

3.2.1. Your going to need it ! Your your going to need to fake it!

3.3. Lack Of Get It Done

3.3.1. Quit and move on to next shiny object

3.4. Lack of Money

3.4.1. Time required

3.5. Lack Of real Help

3.5.1. Thats why I'm here to help u Point u in the right direction.

4. Getting Ready For success

4.1. Stand Apart From everybody else!

4.1.1. You are here to stay be ethical .Build a Brand you!

4.2. Dont get Overwhelmed

4.2.1. Think Like a Marketer not like a Prospect Think like a seller not a Buyer!

4.3. You Can do it!

4.3.1. Postive Mindset.

5. Traffic

5.1. Free Traffic

5.1.1. Blog Hopping

5.1.2. Forum Posting

5.1.3. Facebook posting

5.1.4. Craiglist

5.2. Paid Traffic

5.2.1. Solo Ads

5.2.2. Facebook Ads

5.2.3. Bing Ads

5.2.4. Youtube ppc

6. Finding the Right People To Market to

6.1. Build a buyers list

6.1.1. Contact Launch owners ask to use your product as a Bonus. .

6.1.2. Promote jvzoo offers and offer your bonus to them .

7. What the High ticket Gurus teach

7.1. Product Creation

7.1.1. Small Product $9.97

7.2. Upsell To Another product

7.2.1. $27.00

7.3. Upsell to a Membership site

7.3.1. $47.00 per month or $197.00

7.4. Than offer high ticket Offer

8. Done For you sales Funnel & high ticket commissions.

8.1. Ipro

9. Product Creation

9.1. Interview a expert

9.2. Rebrand Plr

9.3. Master Resell

9.4. Video course

9.5. Offer Value