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Composition 2 by Mind Map: Composition 2

1. Setting

1.1. My house

1.2. Night

1.2.1. cold

1.2.2. raining cats and dogs

2. Characters

2.1. I (narrative)

2.1.1. Timid

2.1.2. Petite

2.1.3. bespectacled

2.2. Burglar

2.2.1. big,burly

2.2.2. wears a mask

2.2.3. black shirt

2.3. Maid

2.3.1. Indonesian

2.3.2. Dewi

3. Introduction

3.1. Woken up by the thunder.

3.2. Past midnight

3.3. Left alone with the maid as parents went out for romantic dinner to celebrate their anniversary

3.4. Could not sleep and were tossing around the bed

3.5. Heard a loud noise outside your room

4. Plot

4.1. I hid under my blanket.

4.2. Heard some footsteps

4.3. Frozen stiff with fear

4.3.1. Afraid

4.4. Loud scream from Dewi

4.4.1. • sharp scream pierced through the still air

4.5. Pluck out my courage to investigate

4.5.1. Opened the room door and peeped

5. Problem

5.1. Burglar in the house

5.1.1. wearing a mask

5.1.2. holding a knife

5.1.3. trying to attack Dewi

5.2. Dewi was screaming for help

5.2.1. Terrified

5.2.2. Body was trembling

6. Conclusion

6.1. Parents came back

6.1.1. Saw the police car

6.1.2. Hugged me

6.2. Police took the burglar back for further investigations

6.3. This was the frightening experience of my life. I thought I could have been hurt. I am proud to be a hero.

7. Solution

7.1. Called for the police

7.2. Decided to help Dewi

7.2.1. Decided to help Dewi Took out my baseball bat tip-toed quietly Burglar was trying to tie Dewi up He did not notice me Hit the burglar on his head with all my strength He lay on the ground motionless He was unconscious Untied Dewi Ran out of the house

7.3. Police arrived

7.3.1. Loud siren wailed from the police car

7.3.2. Dewi and I felt relieved Tears of joy

7.3.3. Police captured the burglar Burglar was still dazed after being hit.