Inquiry about nature and technology

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Inquiry about nature and technology by Mind Map: Inquiry about nature and technology

1. ipads

1.1. Using them for the sake of enhancing educational experiences not just for the sake of using an iPad

1.2. Apps for taking technology outdoors -

2. photography

2.1. Taking pictures while on field trips and posting them to blogs, twitter, Instagram, etc

3. Resistance

3.1. From both sides of the spectrum

4. Teacher Blogs

5. Teacher Resources


5.2. Watch how technology can further STEM learning through the environment, both in nature and in the classroom.


5.4. News Release: How Technology can get kids outdoors and learning



6. Using social media to foster positive change

7. Connections

7.1. With nature

7.2. With each other

7.3. Online/through social media

7.4. family

7.5. other schools in different regions or countries

8. Half day nature - kindergarten

9. community service projects

9.1. Bringing the outdoors inside to people who can't enjoy nature (children, or seniors)