Food for Everyone

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Food for Everyone by Mind Map: Food for Everyone

1. local farmer's market

1.1. Neighborhood based

1.1.1. Columbia City

1.1.2. University District

1.1.3. Central District

2. sources

2.1. Where do we get food?

2.2. Large chain grocery store

2.2.1. Kroger

2.2.2. Safeway

2.2.3. Albertson's

2.3. Local Co-op organic store

2.3.1. central market

2.3.2. PCC

2.3.3. Rainbow Grocery

2.3.4. Pike's Place Market

2.4. Large chain organic store

2.4.1. Whole Foods

2.4.2. Trader Joe's

3. Who buys What?

3.1. Locavores buy food grown within 100-150 miles of where they live

3.2. Regular people buy either locally, regionally or nationally shipped

4. Cost of purchase

4.1. Many "Foodies" can spend up to 20% of income on organic locally grown food

4.2. Normal everyday people can spend about 5% of income on organically locally produced foods

4.3. The low to no income folks can't purchase only local organic foods without a big hit to their food budget.