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Online Stream by Mind Map: Online Stream

1. Increase Online Sales

1.1. Increase Website Visitors

1.2. Increase Lead Generation

1.2.1. Optimise Registration CTA Split test placement Split test colour

1.2.2. Optimise Form Completion Rate Review Drop-Out Points Review employer matching Review Page Design What could deter them? Is it clear: What's in it for me? Can we reduce fields? Is the facebook option a deterrent?

1.2.3. Reduce Bounce Rate Proactive Chat Option

1.2.4. Review Content Is content optimised for prospect generation? Gear towards Whats in it for me? (savings) Better Promote Savings Is our brand differentiator clear?

1.2.5. Induce Peer Referrals Optimise Engagement of current users Increase awareness of service benefits Gamify positive actions Implement meaningfuil engagement metrics Review Social Capabilities Content / Blogs should have share option Review social sharing opportunities for customer

1.3. Increase Conversion Rate

1.3.1. Optimise User Flow Tutorial / Guide Redesign Navigation Understand Savings Request Marketing Content Understand Benefits Request review of benefit profiles Request review of benefit forms Implement tracking on drop out rates

1.3.2. Capture Cart Abandoners LiveChat Option Call Back Option Consider current triggered call back Survey to Abandoners to understand why Develop Communications Timeline

1.3.3. Increase Potential User Base Custom client requirements St Vincents Cap & OCM Catholic Healthcare Payroll QLD Government I-MED Department of Defence WH/MH DETVIC Review Communications to other lead types Review Opportunities to include in other communication types (field/phone)

1.3.4. Score & Nurture Leads Track Lead Conversion Stats Develop Lead Scoring Matrix Improve Lead Information Quality Track Content Pages visited by the customer Notification to Sales team when lead is online Review lead duplicates

1.4. Increase Cross/Up Sales

1.4.1. Increase Cross Sale Opportunities Target current user base Consider OCM Claims Data (Con Balomenos) for product sales Capture Abandoners Intuitive Prospect Nurturing based on page visit Communications based on visit Promote Cross Sales Implement "Did you know?" Gamify Upselling

2. Reduce Leavers

2.1. Reduce Lapsed "Inactive" customers

2.1.1. Identify Root Causes Identify Lost Causes Implement Exception Process Identify Opportunities Implement Tactic to Capture Sale

2.2. Review Leavers

2.2.1. Change of Employer Web Change to allow change of ER

2.2.2. LWOP Review current reactivation process

2.2.3. Review current metrics & reporting

3. Maintain/Reduce Operational Expenditure

3.1. Measure Current Contact (Email / Phone)

3.1.1. Implement Meaningful Call/Email Codes

3.1.2. Review of current Data

3.1.3. Optimise Feedback Options Kampyle CSATs Consider Mobile Compatible option

3.1.4. Consider Lower Cost Opportunities LiveChat for Service WebtoCase Knowledgebase SmartIVR

3.2. Drive Customers to Use Lower Cost Channels

3.2.1. Optimise Engagement in Site Increase Potential User Base Device Compatability Optimise Homepage Browser Compatability GAP Analysis of Functionality Third Party Authorisation Financial Planner Security - Verification Concessional Benefits OCM Redirect Benefit Edit Knowledgebase Casual Customers Employer Sign-Off Benefits Remote Area LAFHA Car Parking OCM Review for Gaps Optimise User Experience Review navigation Review reporting Optimise Design Promote Self-Service Capabilities Develop Communications Strategy Ensure Employee Adoption Gamification of Positive Activities Develop Game Mechanics Implement Engagement Metrics Increase awareness of service benefits Create report showing savings and salary

3.2.2. Include at BD Stage Promote at Sale Potential to negotiate reduction for self-service customers