Project Management Failure Points

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Project Management Failure Points by Mind Map: Project Management Failure Points

1. User Requirements

1.1. Document and approve user requirements and establish the necessary change controls to support any future changes

2. Project Management

2.1. Either replace the project manager with a stronger candidate or involve executive direction and leadership

3. Executive Buy-In

3.1. Obtain immediate executive sponsorship through escalation

4. Communications

4.1. Develop a communications plan and inform all stakeholders

4.2. Establish frequent project meetings

4.3. Document roles & responsibilities

5. Estimating and Planning

5.1. Use Analysts, SMEs and/or Cost Estimators to assist in estimating

6. Documentation

6.1. Business Case / Project Brief / Project Initiation Document

6.2. User Requirement Specification

6.3. Technical Specification(s)

6.4. Training Schedule

6.5. Deployment Plan

6.6. Test Plan

6.7. Project Schedule

6.8. Quality Plan