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TP alums gestalts! by Mind Map: TP alums gestalts!

1. studying philosophy and computer science at Oxford next spring in exchange program

1.1. Victor Pontis is gonna be there too!

2. Reunion this week Tuesday 6-18-13?

2.1. Date

2.1.1. Tuesday 6-18-13?

2.2. dessert?

2.2.1. jacob +1

2.2.2. Crepes and Corks (I think that's what the crepe place is called...if anyone knows, there's a crepe place in del mar that is AMAZING)

2.3. dinner?

2.3.1. jacob +1 also

2.4. walk on beach

2.4.1. Carrie +1

2.5. see sunset

2.5.1. Carrie +1

2.6. #idea: do tai chi?

2.6.1. Carrie -1

2.7. i want to take you guys surfing/boogie boarding/to the beach while I'm here (next week and a half) ~jacob

2.7.1. next Saturday??

2.8. Project Amin

2.8.1. somebody is in charge of getting amin to come to this! i hereby pledge myself to take up the mantle of this herculean task. But i can use all the help i can get? ~jacob

3. People's gestalts

3.1. Jacob

3.1.1. Projects Create Gestalt Processing Systems for society IdeaOverflow Very excited about project which I feel like could end war and terrorism and supplant Facebook when taken to completion Built really cool project MIT Suggestion Box / Political Progress Bars part of political science startup Outline

3.1.2. Summer Plans SD till 6/26 SURF EVERY DAY France 6/26 - 7/3 Things to do/see i'd love your advice as to what to see Visiting mom who is in peace corps in tanzania 7/3 - 7/16 Running Tanzania-MIT Hackathon testing out paradigm of HackerCasting could still use contacts there! Still accepting more sponsors! Going to SF to work on outline bionics research at Stanford while in bay area

3.1.3. Fav thing in world: Tai chi! LET'S ALL DO TAI CHI ON THE BEACH GUYS read The Art of Learning! Chess prodigy --> tai chi world push hands champ here's my tai chi tutorial (also improved my others)

3.1.4. joined harvard-mit Wushu club

3.1.5. prabhav just graduated MIT EARLY!

3.1.6. Longer term thoughts get the startups that are stuck in my brain out of my system go study AI and robotics and quantum computing and possibly literature. But if I execute on IdeaOverflow, the landscape of the world will look mighty different by the time i'm applying to grad school.

3.2. Praneet

3.3. Carrie

3.3.1. Wishes that her daddy would be happy and not emotionally unstable that there would be no grudges or vendettas Jacob: my intuition tells me that tai chi can help all of these greatly. that aging and depression would be cured

3.3.2. Favorite thing in the world: running, biking, or rollerblading along the coast/beautiful zen! BIKING THE 17 MILE DRIVE (if you don't know what it is, see New Awesome Story Summary 2

3.3.3. Life goals discover the secret to consciousnes +1 ~jacob. gah you need to meet Tom Alden the Profound. we should google hangout or meetup in boston! find and keep lifelong friends/collaborators, starting with you guys :)

4. What do I mean by gestalt?

4.1. An open gestalt is anything that tugs on a person’s attention -- ideas, goals, complaint's suggestions, a hunger, a desire to meet people, an urge to write down an inspiration, and so forth. Theory explains aesthetics, creativity, and much more

4.1.1. or kiddie desire to plot precisely :P

4.2. See this paper on IdeaOverflow for more!


5. Latest Updates

5.1. Jacob 6/16/13 11:26pm

5.2. Carrie 6/16/13 afternoon

6. this program needs a feature to tell you about updates to the map