Copy of Copy of Global Climate Movement

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Copy of Copy of Global Climate Movement by Mind Map: Copy of Copy of Global Climate Movement

1. Businesses

2. Policy Makers

3. Funders

4. National Orgs

4.1. US Orgs

4.1.1. Greenpeace

4.1.2. Sierra Club

4.1.3. US State/Regional Orgs CCAN Climate Solutions

4.1.4. RAN

4.1.5. NRDC

5. Global Orgs

5.1. GPI

5.2. FOE

5.3. Avaaz

5.4. CAN

6. 350

6.1. Board of DIrectors

6.2. US Advisory Council

6.3. Global Advisory Council

6.4. Staff

6.4.1. Executive Director: May Global Managing Director: Payal. Responsibilities: Managing global campaigns, planning, strategy, budgeting, and accountability mechanisms. Global political work where applicable. Campaign Coordinator: Aaron. Campaign Coordinator: Chaitanya. Senior Campaigner: Matt. Responsibilities: US/global actions coordination, special projects Global Organizing Deputy Director: Sam. Responsibilities: Global Organizing Strategy and Management Campaign Director: Will. Responsibilities: lead on major global programatic work. Lead: National Powershift Program Web Director: Jon. Responsibilities: Network Communications, Online Campaigns, IT US Managing Director: Jamie. Responsibilities: Managing US campaigns, planning, strategy, budgeting, and accountability mechanisms Organizing Director (US): Phil. Responsibilities: Organizing Strategy, US projects and campaign management, growing our power through campaigns. Political Director (US) : Jason. Responsibilities: US political strategy, Electoral programs, Senior Campaigner: Daniel. KXL Campaign Lead Senior Campaigner: Jay. Off-campus Divestment Campaign Lead Operations Director: Jeremy. Responsibilities: Financial, Legal, HR, Development Finance and Operations Manager: Keisha. Responsibilities: Finance Management, Operations Strategy Office Coordinator: Jean. Responsibilities: HR Management, Operations Strategy Development Coordinator: Julie. Responsibilities: Development Management, Development Strategy

6.5. 350 National/Regional Orgs

6.5.1. 350 Aotearoa

6.5.2. 350 Australia

6.6. 350 US State/City Orgs

6.6.1. BFP

6.6.2. 350MN

6.6.3. 350VT

6.6.4. 350 Bay Area

6.7. 350 Global Networks

6.7.1. Artists Kevin!