Tina Fey

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Tina Fey by Mind Map: Tina Fey

1. Jeanne Fey

1.1. Hands off parenting

1.2. Gave Tina pamphlets to help with feminine problems

1.3. Not very helpful

2. Lorne Michaels

2.1. Tine Fey auditioned for Lorne on SNL

2.2. Helped spark Tina's SNL career

3. Jack Burditt

3.1. Writer on 30 Rock

3.2. Saw a man get stabbed while working

3.3. A part of no violence type of people

3.4. Very quiet and worked with Fey

4. Sarah Palin

4.1. Vice Presidential nominee

4.2. Tina Fey played her very often on SNL

4.3. Sarah Palin rap

5. Alec Baldwin

5.1. Actor with Tina on 30 Rock

5.2. TIna Fey holds huge amounts of respect for Alec

6. Amy Poehler

6.1. Also popular woman comedian

6.2. Participated with Fey on SNL

7. Donna

7.1. Woman that worked with Tina Fey

7.1.1. Detail 1

7.1.2. Detail 2

7.2. Part of woman on woman sabotage

7.2.1. Detail 1

7.2.2. Detail 2

7.3. Tina Fey backstabs Donna to move up

7.3.1. Detail 1

7.3.2. Detail 2