Solutions for Window Plast N.V. Company

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Solutions for Window Plast N.V. Company by Mind Map: Solutions for Window Plast N.V. Company

1. Training

1.1. Product & Provider

1.1.1. Cisco Jabber & Cisco

1.2. Key Functionality

1.2.1. Easy access to presence

1.2.2. Instant messaging

1.2.3. Voice, video, voice messaging

1.2.4. Conferencing

1.2.5. Desktop sharing

1.3. Business Advantage

1.3.1. It helps to realise training with lower cost because itsfeatures

1.3.2. Accelerate business results, increase team productivity, and lower costs

1.3.3. Use the power of video to communicate faster with employees, customers, and partners

1.3.4. Dynamically form and participate in immersive, virtual communities

2. Mail & Instant Messaging

2.1. Product & Provider

2.1.1. MDaemon Instant Messenger & alt-n technologies

2.2. Key Functionality

2.2.1. Secure Instant Messenger

2.2.2. Manage Your Instant Messaging

2.2.3. Webmail Email Notification

2.2.4. Automatic Address Book Synchronization

2.2.5. File Sharing

2.2.6. Message Logging

2.2.7. Chat Within MDaemon Webmail (WorldClient)

2.2.8. Desktop Installation

2.3. Business Advantage

2.3.1. It is cheaper than the communication with phone so phone bills will decrease

2.3.2. Colleagues can send and reply instant message in real time without face to face

2.3.3. Meanwhile the work report can be shared during the instant chat session

2.3.4. The IM can make a virtual conference without get all the related people together in a physical meeting room

2.3.5. It allows companyto quickly and easily communicate between coworkers

3. Collaboration & Documents

3.1. Product & Provider

3.1.1. Cisco Jabber & Cisco

3.2. Key Functionality

3.2.1. Easy access to presence

3.2.2. Instant messaging

3.2.3. Voice, video, voice messaging

3.2.4. Desktop sharing

3.2.5. Conferencing

3.3. Business Advantage

3.3.1. Accelerate business results, increase team productivity, and lower costs

3.3.2. Use the power of video to communicate faster with employees, customers, and partners

3.3.3. Enhance productivity and reduce delays with presence

3.3.4. Improve responsiveness to customers

3.3.5. Dynamically form and participate in immersive, virtual communities

3.3.6. Meet with customers, partners, and colleagues anytime, anywhere using the best channel

4. Backup

4.1. Product & Provider

4.1.1. Symantec Backup & Symantec

4.2. Key Functionality

4.2.1. Hybrid and cloud-based backup

4.2.2. Always-on, automatic backup for PCs and servers

4.2.3. Secure, Symantec data center and optional on-premise protection

4.2.4. Self-service recovery for users

4.2.5. Transfer drives available for data restore

4.3. Business Advantage

4.3.1. Allows an organization to develop a company-wide backup process ensuring backup consistency

4.3.2. Simplifies backup and helps ensure that critical data is always protected by performing backups on a schedule or when files are changed

4.3.3. Combines local and cloud-based backup, providing the optimal solution for users or servers with large data files

4.3.4. Empowers users to restore their own files, reducing burdens for administrators and minimizing downtime for users

5. Sales & Customer Support and Tracking

5.1. Product & Provider

5.1.1. Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud Service & Oracle

5.2. Key Funtionality

5.2.1. Unified sales and marketing to drive more revenue

5.2.2. Instant visibility through dashboards, analytics and real-time forecasting

5.2.3. Built-in data quality and customer data management

5.2.4. Outlook/mobile integration and industry specific solutions

5.3. Business Advantage

5.3.1. Get up and running faster with less upfront costs and investment risk

5.3.2. Works with existing systems – so decisions are always based on complete and current data

5.3.3. Higher win rates, more quality opportunities and faster time-to-value

5.3.4. Makes CRM easy to use, configure and deploy

6. Telecommication Cost

6.1. Product & Provider

6.1.1. One Cloud & BT

6.2. Key Functionality

6.2.1. Includes voice, web and video conferencing, presence and mobile devices

6.2.2. With one network connecting all your sites

6.3. Business Advantage

6.3.1. Cut your costs

6.3.2. Increase productivity

6.3.3. Get your teams working effectively together and serve customers better

7. Sales Mobility

7.1. Product & Provider

7.1.1. Sales Cloud & Salesforce

7.2. Key Functionality

7.2.1. Gain insights from popular social media sites—like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

7.2.2. Get details about the deals you and your team are working on–deal stage, products, competition, quotes, and deal team conversations are available via your application, and in real time

7.2.3. Work with the email applications you already use every day

7.3. Business Advantage

7.3.1. collaboration across your global organization and getting deals

7.3.2. Make smarter decisions about where to invest and show the impact of your marketing activities on your company's bottom line

7.3.3. Attract new channel partners, build loyalty, collaborate to increase sales velocity, and drive more deals in secure