Causes Of The Civil War By Gregory Buffaloe

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Causes Of The Civil War By Gregory Buffaloe by Mind Map: Causes Of The Civil War By Gregory Buffaloe

1. Missouri Compromise

1.1. 1820

1.2. Missouri Compromise

1.3. America Began moving west the issue of whether or not Missouri should be allowed in the new states forming out west became an issue .

2. Wilmot Proviso

2.1. 1848

2.2. Wilmot Proviso

2.3. Since the Missouri compromise did not apply to the large territory gained from Mexico in 1848,Representative David Wilmot Of Pennsylvania proposed at congress ban slavery in all territory that might become part of the untied states as a result of the Mexican American war. The proposal pass in the House but failed in the Senate

3. Free-Soil Party

3.1. 1848

3.2. Picture

3.3. In The Election of 1848,both The whigs party and the Democratic Party hoped to win by not taking a stand on the issue of popular sovereign

4. Election of 1860

5. Confederate of America

6. John Brown attacks Harper's Ferry

7. Lincoln-DOuglas Debate

8. Dred Scott vs. Sanford Case

9. Election of 1856

10. Republican Party

11. Blood Shed in the Senate

12. Bleeding Kansas

13. Kansas Nebreska Act

14. Compromise of 1850

15. Election of Zachary Taylor

16. Uncle Tom's Cabin

17. Fugitive Slave Act