Brainstorming Laem Yai Team

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Brainstorming Laem Yai Team by Mind Map: Brainstorming Laem Yai Team

1. Company strategy

1.1. Mission : we provide innovative and integrated solutions by combining value creation and economic success withtailored services that protect natural resources and facilitate a balanced relationship with local communities.

1.1.1. Goal 1

1.1.2. Goal 2

1.2. Vision: We aim to create awareness of Nathon as a tourism destination and improve the quality of Nathon as a residential and transit area. By diversifying its attractions, focusing on Nathon’s unique selling point the sunset, seasonality throughout the day will be removed. We strive to make it more attractive/appealing in an aesthetical way while maintaining the town’s authentic charm and natural recourses/environment. Additionally by setting a transparent price policy and improving the infrastructure the accessibility of Laem Yai and Nathon will be enhanced and thus the amount of day visitors will increase

1.2.1. Session Rule 1

1.2.2. Session Rule 2

1.3. Capture Ideas : Dancing Sea, Monkey tree restaurant, Fesfloat

2. Challenges in the area

2.1. Trafic / road condition

2.2. Sustainability

2.2.1. noise and visual pollution

2.2.2. scarce resources

2.3. Keep the authenticity and the peaceful spirit of the place

2.4. Natural disasters

2.5. Cultural changes

2.6. Insuficient tourism information

2.7. Leakages

3. Ideas of future products

3.1. Wave pool in the sea

3.1.1. buoy

3.1.2. surfing

3.1.3. wellness, sport, entertainment, leisure, young spirit

3.2. Floating stage

3.2.1. same form as a boat

3.2.2. Events hosted : culinary shows, weddings, karaoké evening, political celebration, concerts

3.3. Zip lining above jungle of Nathon

3.4. Floating Restaurant

3.4.1. work with the local food market

3.4.2. acceed by boat

3.5. Sea Organ

3.5.1. underwater microphones produce sounds of waves relaxing sounds

3.5.2. For relaxing on the promenade's steps

3.5.3. inspired by Zadar instalations

3.6. Dining in the air

3.6.1. palm trees, monkey waiter, unique dinning experience

3.6.2. sunset view from the hinterland

3.7. Dinning in a treehouse

3.8. sunset picture wall (near the pier)

3.8.1. pictures from tourists, locals, tourism authorities

3.8.2. combination of all the different sunset visions

3.8.3. decoration

4. Criterias

4.1. inovative spirit

4.2. Sea-Land connexion

4.3. Authenticity and Local culture

4.4. Respect with nature

4.5. Local and tourists oriented

4.6. coherence with Koh Samui image

4.7. Garantee of Quality

5. Business Name

5.1. Words : get inspired change, be inspired uniqueness, creativity, innovation

5.1.1. Monkey Business

5.1.2. BeCon' Consulting Be Con'vinsing Be Con'nected Be coherent

5.1.3. Monkey'novation

5.1.4. Imagin'island Consulting