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#KMers Chat by Mind Map: #KMers Chat

1. KMI WKM Branding

1.1. Logos & Links

1.2. Background Information KMI WKM

1.3. Mailing List Sing-Up

1.4. Twitter Accounts

1.5. RSS-Feeds

2. To Do [WKM personal]

2.1. Eelke

2.1.1. Verfijnen Twitter inlog - profile connectie

2.1.2. Aanmaken view voor suggesties pagina Node: Topic Suggestion in volgorde van votes.

2.1.3. Aanmaken view voor members pagina Aantal members Klikbare fotos van alle members op een rijtje Als het kan ook nog de map daaronder. Hoe moet dit allemaal eigenlijk?!

2.2. Johan

2.2.1. Write "about us"

2.2.2. Update site according to remarks

2.2.3. Mooie versies van chat transcript uploaden

2.2.4. Google Maps fixen

2.2.5. Develop KM on the web

2.2.6. Suggest topic node aanmaken met stem mogelijkheid

2.3. Samen [midweek]

2.3.1. Nalopen alle site onderdelen

2.3.2. Afmaken site design, skin

2.3.3. Bier drinken

2.4. Toekomstmuziek

2.4.1. Bridge tussen applicaties kwa profielen

2.4.2. Questions How to put html in widgets? How to include RSS feeds? Users nog even aanpassen: geen spatie

2.4.3. Exotische Functionaliteiten service: save #-tags chats widget branding easy to implement for developers widgets API # Twitter chat

2.4.4. google wave ASAP

3. Site Elements

3.1. Community

3.1.1. Groups To be Determined Law

3.1.2. User Name Foto Participation Points Timezone Twitter Twitter Feed Check weird stuff when subscribing Profile Professional Personal KM Focus Areas?? Roles & Permissions Super-Administrator: WKM Administrator: KMI External Moderators Registered Visitors Unregistered Visitors

3.2. Events

3.2.1. Calendar

3.2.2. Content Chat Event Topic (textfield) Date & time (Date) Related Content (urls) Attendees (textarea) Summary (textarea) Chat Transcript (link to node) Chat Transcript Topic Chat Event (link to node) Transcript (text) revision history

3.2.3. Taxonomy Tags Categories Archive

3.2.4. Management Suggested Topics Entry to provide suggestions Listing of current suggestions Moderators Instructions Profile for event

3.3. Social Media

3.3.1. Twitter Live Stream #KMers Live Stream #KM

3.3.2. RSS KMI WKM on Background Page KM Blogs Outside Discussions

3.3.3. LinkedIn Make #KMers Group

3.3.4. Facebook Make #KMers Fan Page

3.3.5. privacy opt-in?

3.4. Twitter forum [To be further developed]

3.4.1. organize knowledge

3.4.2. save discussion structure

3.4.3. benefits of forum

3.4.4. unique tag for thread post posted in update allow feedback from non-members "response from twitter community"

3.5. Chat

3.5.1. Integrate Twitter Chat

3.5.2. Conncet to Twebevents

4. Site map