the causes of civil war

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the causes of civil war by Mind Map: the causes of civil war

1. The Missouri Comprimise

1.1. 1820

1.2. The Missouri Comprimise

1.3. As America began moving west the issue of wheter or no slavery should be allowed in he new states foming ou west becae an issue.

2. The Wilmont Poviso

2.1. 1848

2.2. wilmont proviso

2.3. since the missouri compromise did not aplly to large territory gaied from mexico.representave david wilmot of pennslavania proposed that congress ban slavery in all territorysthat might become part of untited states

3. free-soil party

3.1. 1848

3.2. free-soil party

3.3. in election of 1848 both the antislavery both the anti slavery pary and the democratics party hopedto win by not taking a stand on the issue of popular slavery.

4. election of zack taylor

4.1. 1848

4.2. Election of Zachary Taylor

4.3. The controversy over wilmot led to development of free soil party. Democrats nominated senator Lewis cass of Michigan,the Whigs nominated Zachary Taylor and free soil party nominated former democratic president Martin van Burn

5. The compromise of 1850

5.1. 1850

5.2. Compromise of 1850

5.3. Gold was found in California and thousands moved to area. Soon territory had enough people to be admitted as a state. Since it was above the Missouri compromise.north was a free slave state this angered the south and they threatened to secede.the compromise was proposed by Henry clay in January 1850 this. Compromise would end the debate over slavery forever. President Taylor opposed the compromise but died and the new president Millard Fillmore supported it.

6. The fugitive slave act

6.1. 1850

6.2. The fugitive act

6.3. Allowed special government officials to arrest any run away slaves.suspects had no rights to a trial. All it tool was slaveholder or any white witness to swear that the suspect was a slave holders property. The law allowed northern to capture any runaway slaves

7. Uncle toms cabin

7.1. 1852

7.2. Uncle toms cabin

7.3. Written by Harriet Beecher stowed in 1852,it was novel about kindly Uncle Tom an enslaved man who is abused by the cruel Simon legree. The book became the best seller in shocked thousands of people who had been unconcerned with slaverybegore reading the book

8. The Kansas-Nebraska act

8.1. 1854

8.2. The Kansas-Nebraska act

8.3. Senator Stephen Douglas pushed through the act in 1854 which led the nation closer to war.he wanted to see a railroad built from Illinois through the Nebraska territory.Kansas territory and Nebraska territory both were Obote the Missouri compromise line and would consider as the free states.

9. Bleeding Kansas

9.1. 1855

9.2. Bleeding Kansas

9.3. Both free slavery settlers flooded to Kansas to try and win the majoritory. Thousands of people from Missouri entered Kansas in march of 1855 to vote illegaly. Kansas had 3,000 votes but almost 8,000 people voted.a proslavery sheriff was shot when he tried to arrest some antislavery settlers in the town.pottawatomie creek and murdered five proslavery men and boys. The started widespread fighting in Kansas

10. Bloodshed in the senate

10.1. 1855

10.2. Bloodshed in the senate

10.3. Charles summer of Massachusetts was leading obolitionist senator and made fiery speeches denouncing the proslavery legislature in Kansas. In his speeches he singled to Andrew butler who was an elderly senator from south California who was not present when he gave his speech.

11. Republican Party

11.1. 1854

11.2. Republican Party

11.3. The Whig party split in 1854 and many northern Whigs found a new political party called the Republican Party. The main goal was stop spreading slavery into the western territory.their antislavery stand attracted many northern democrats the party was created 105 of 245 candidates.

12. The election of 1856

12.1. 1856

12.2. The election of 1856

12.3. First republican candidate John c. Fremont waged a strong antislavery campaign and won 11 of the 16 free James Buchanan was elected free mot won the election

13. Dred Scott v.sanford case

13.1. 1857

13.2. Dried Scott Sanford case

13.3. Drew scoot was a enslaved person who was onces owned by a u.s army doctor. They lived in Illinois and Wisconsin territory for a short time where slavery was illegal.scoot sued for freedom.he had lived where slavery was illegal. The case reached to the Supreme Court.scoot was not a free man. Scoot had no rights to sue in federal court because he's a African American.slaves were property and property rights were protected by united slavery

14. the lincoln and douglas debates

14.1. 1858

14.2. the lincoln and douglas debates

14.3. lincon was chosen an the congress candidate for senate against senator douglas in challenged douglas to seres of public debate.douglas defended popularslave reignty and said each state had the rights to deside for or against slavery.

15. john brown attacks harpers ferry

15.1. 1859

15.2. john brown attacks harpers ferry

15.3. john brown wa driven out of kansas after the pottatwatomie creek massacre and reurned to new brown and a small group of supporters attacked the town of harpers ferry,virginia hjs goles was to take control of the guns. he thought african american would support him.he would give him wepens and led a levolt.he gained control of the guns. they caught him and slave revolt against them.

16. political parties divide

16.1. 1860

16.2. political parties divide

16.3. the suthreen party split into two parties during the election of 1860 becuse northern democrats refused to support slavery in the territories.some southerns wanted to fix the problems between the north and the south and formed the constutions union party. they wanted to protect slavery and keep the nation together.

17. the election of 1860

17.1. 1860

17.2. the election of 1860

17.3. republican choose abraham to run for president in 1860.northern democrats nominated stephen douglas as there canidate.southern democry choose vise president john breckiridge of kentucky.the constatute union nomiated john bell of tenessee. the election showed just had fragmental the nation had become.

18. southern state secede

18.1. 1860

18.2. southern state secede

18.3. lincolns election made the south thinkthat they no longer had a voice in the national goverment. they believed that the president and congress were against their intesests ,especially slavery. south carilona seceded left the united states first when news of li

19. The confederate states of America

19.1. 1861

19.2. The confederate states of america

19.3. In feb if 1861 the leaders of the seven secending states that left the union met in Montgomery Alabama yo form a new nation. Lincoln took office in march they had a written a constitution and named former senaor Jefferson Davis as the president