Benefits of PB works

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Benefits of PB works by Mind Map: Benefits of PB works

1. Learning (Learning languages)

1.1. Expand knowledge

1.1.1. Student can exchange ideas, homeworks viva group work on Pb works. They can also see other friends' work so they can enrich knowledge a great deal E.g: Your class have to writ e a reading lesson plan. After every one upload their work on Pb works, you can also see your friend's lesson plan on Pb works to, then you can learn a lot from your friends' good point and mistakes

1.2. Useful for group working

1.2.1. Students can create a Pb works for their own group to share information or interesting materials to each other on Pbworks. Moreover group leader can assign task and collect other members' works on Pb works easily. E.g: your group have to find vocabularies about family. Each member will find 10 words then upload on Pbworks. The whole group can see all others' words too without sending too many emails to all members

1.3. Get new and revise old lessons.

1.3.1. With PB works students can find all the work they have upload to revise for the final exam E.g: With the list of vocabularies their group have just done above, you can still find it on Pb works at any time when you want to write on an essay about family or for speaking test.

1.4. Anywhere, anytime knowledge access

1.4.1. E.g: You can access or download your work or your friends' work from Pb works when you are at home, at the dorm, in the park, etc at anytime you like.

2. Research/ Study

2.1. Security

2.2. Encourage group projects

2.2.1. PB works allows researchers to edit pages and contribute to group discussions. Moreover, researchers can keep a complete audit trail of every change made to their workspace and can reserve any change with one click. E.g: You and your friends are doing a research on 'using Enlish article to teach vocabulary for students'. So, you can divide the work to each member. Each member can upload their part on Pb works or exchange ideas with each other without meeting. You can also see your friends' work, so you what your group are doing

2.3. Large and useful storage

2.3.1. E.g: You have to do a graduation thesis and have to write up a lot of drafts to send to your supervisor. With Pb works you can invite supervior to participate in and upload your draft here. You don't need to meet your supervior often and won't be afraid that you will loose important draft or writing

2.4. Meetings & Notes

2.4.1. You can use PBworks for meeting agendas, comments, and real-time note-taking streamlines meetings. Moreover, that information can automatically become part of your knowledgebase, helping everyone to know what was decided and what needs to be done.

2.5. Project Information

2.5.1. E.g: You can use PBworks for project management to automatically capture project knowledge. You can also collect those project workspaces into an archive, and you have a searchable knowledgebase of project research, methodologies and work product.

3. Friends

3.1. Encourage student-centered learning

3.1.1. E.g: With Pb works students will work most of the time on their own. It can help student develop their critical thinking skills

3.2. Work with Students' parents.

3.2.1. E.g: Teacher can create a Pb works for students' parents to log in. Teacher can share or let the parents see students' work to know if their son or daughter are making progress or not. On Pb works, students' parents can also send suggestions to teacher about student' work at home.

3.3. Class Resources

3.3.1. E.g: Teacher can publish class notes, PowerPoint lectures, schedules and policies on Pb works; show off examples of great student work ;post assignments, key dates and volunteer lists. This also helps student be more independent and confindent on learning

3.4. Saving time

3.4.1. Instead of sending a lot of emails to all class, teacher can upload homework on Pbwork for the whole class to follow