Día de los Muertos and Halloween

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Día de los Muertos and Halloween by Mind Map: Día de los Muertos and Halloween

1. Notes: Students will be tested on their knowledge of Día de los Muertos at the end of the week.

1.1. Lesson or Series Title: What is Día de los Muertos?

1.2. Goals of Each Lesson: To be able to describe something new that they learned about Día de los Muertos.

1.3. Objectives: By the end of the week the students will be able to tell me what Día de los Muertos is.

1.4. Reasoning: This is a spanish class and Día de los Muertos is one of the biggest Mexican holidays.

1.5. Content: Holidays, Mexico, Mexican Religion, Mexican Rituals, Celebrations.

1.6. Method of Instruction: Direct Instruction, Indirect Instruction, and Group Work.

1.7. Method of Evaluation: Quick question assessment after every day and a test at the end of the week.

2. Objectives: Differentiate Halloween and Día de los Muertos

2.1. Main Objective 1: Students know what Halloween is and must be able to describe what it is for them.

2.1.1. Task: Class lecture with power point.

2.1.2. Prerequisites: Students must list what they do on Halloween.

2.2. Main Objective 2: Students will be introduced to Día de los Muertos , a Mexican holiday.

2.2.1. Task

2.2.2. Prerequisites

2.3. Main Objective 3: Students will notice some differences and similarities between the two.

2.3.1. Task

2.3.2. Prerequisites

3. Prerequisites: Every student celebrates Halloween their own way. With their list of things they do on Halloween, they must then make a list of things done on Día de los Muertos. Then make a Venn diagram to come up with some things both holidays in common.

3.1. Review: Each student must say at least one thing that they learned about Día de los Muertos.

3.2. Goal: For students to understand the difference between Día de los Muertos and Halloweenand also learn the importance of Día de los Muertosto the Mexican culture.

3.3. This will be taught during the week of Halloween (October 31) and Día de los Muertos (November 1,2)

4. Resources: Their will be several resources we use to be able to accommodate all the different learning styles of the class.

4.1. Materials: First a power point will be shown on Día de los Muertos. Then, the class will watch a movie on the holiday, shot in Mexico, that shows all the cultural and religious background on the holiday. Last, in groups the students will physically make their "Alter" which they will learn about through out the week.

4.2. People: I will tell the students my own experiences with Día de los Muertos, coming from a Mexican background and ask if any of the students celebrate the holiday as well and have then tell their stories as well.

4.3. Facilities: We will stay in the classroom the whole week and the students will hang their personal picture of their alter on the walls when work is completed.