Speech Expressions

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Speech Expressions by Mind Map: Speech Expressions

1. Symbols

1.1. Formal

1.2. Informal

1.3. Slang

1.4. Idiomatic

2. Basic Social Encounters

2.1. Greetings

2.1.1. General What's new? How's tricks? How you been? Wusup? / Wassup? How do you do? I haven't seen you in years Long time no see

2.1.2. Surprise Never thought I'd see you here What have you been up to? You been keeping busy?

2.2. Small Talk

2.2.1. State of health & happiness I'm cool Fine and dandy Couldn't be better I have nothing to complain about

2.2.2. Been doing - positive Been up to no good Keeping myself busy Been keeping out of trouble

2.2.3. Been doing - neutral Getting by Plugging along Could be worse Same as always

2.2.4. Been doing - negative Not so good None too great Kind of crummy I've seen better days

2.2.5. Been busy Not a moment to spare I don't have time to breathe There aren't enough hours in the day

2.3. Introductions

2.4. Ending a Concersation

2.4.1. Signaling the end It's getting later Well, David, it's really good to see you, but I really must go It's so good to see you again

2.4.2. Telephone conversation I really have to go now. We'll talk sometime Can I call you back? Something has come up I won't keep you any longer

2.4.3. Ending abruptly Must run Sorry, but I have to leave now I'm all out of time. I'll have to say good-bye now It's been great talking to you, but I have to go

2.5. Good-Byes

2.5.1. Simple Farewell Good day / evening / night I'll catch you later I'll be seeing you See you soon / then

2.5.2. Taking leave Nice meeting you Take care Good running into you It was a pleasure meeting you It is a pleasure to have met you

2.5.3. Plans to keep in touch Don't forget to call Write / text me I'll be in touch

2.6. Agreeing

2.6.1. Simple Sure thing You got it By all means

2.6.2. Stating concurrence That's for certain It works for me I couldn't agree with you more You took the words right out of my mouth

2.6.3. Acceptance I think it's fine It's satisfactory It couldn't be better It gets two thumbs up That hits the spot This is far and away the best This is head and shoulders above the rest

2.6.4. Understand I got you I hear what you're saying I see where you're coming from I know what you're talking about Read you loud and clear

2.6.5. Making sure you are understood Do you know what I'm talking about? Know what I mean? Do you follow me? Do you get it? Do we see eye to eye on this?

2.7. Disagreeing

2.7.1. Simple No way Not a chance I don't think so

2.7.2. Categorical disagreement That's not true You've got it all wrong You missed the boat You're dead wrong

2.7.3. Strong disagreement I disagree completely I couldn't disagree (with you) more You're lying through your teeth

2.7.4. Disagreement with a proposition That's out of the question / unthinkable I'll give that all the consideration it's due

2.7.5. Rejection I can't stand it I don't like / care for it It's not for me Don't quit your day job

2.7.6. Refusal Not a chance / likely Absolutely not! Dream on / Only in your dreams Save your breath Not in a million years You're barking up the wrong tree

2.7.7. Smb is wrong You don't know what you're talking about You haven't got a leg to stand on You're way off base

2.7.8. Facts You've got it all wrong You haven't got the facts (right) Don't speak until you've got your facts straight Don't jump to conclusions

3. Conversational Encounters