4500 Spiritual Enlightenment and Happiness

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4500 Spiritual Enlightenment and Happiness by Mind Map: 4500 Spiritual Enlightenment and Happiness

1. Objective

1.1. To determine if there is a correlation between our acts of love and our receiving devine happiness

1.2. studying events to see if there is a corresponding pattern that would suggest that there is a higher power that provides for happiness and contentment in our lives as a result of our acts of love and unselfishness

1.3. documenting acts of love and kindness

2. Understanding that God is Unproven

2.1. understood that spirituality is not a proven

2.1.1. this is why church can be such a turn off

2.1.2. at church it is so often presented as a proven

2.1.3. so it is not a place where those who do not believe would naturally go

2.2. God Vs. no God

2.3. There are many reasons people choose to seek SE or not to seek it

2.3.1. Therefore it is logical that EVERYONE would experiment with both, until they find a reason to stick with one. the closest we can get is through trial and error understanding the benefit if it is real understanding the benefit of the "placebo effect" if it is not real

2.3.2. my experience obviously has been better when believing; therefore this presentation

3. Defining Happiness

3.1. Obviously we cannot always have what we think we want.

3.2. But through spiritual enlightenment, I propose a way to adjust what you want to what you can really have, and in the process discover that what you REALLY want is what you can TRULY have!

3.3. Secular Happiness

3.4. Spiritual Happiness

4. What Do I Want?

5. When Has He Given It To Me in the Past? Jounal

6. Why Should He Give It To Me?

7. Various Topics