Battle of the sexes

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Battle of the sexes by Mind Map: Battle of the sexes

1. superiority

1.1. physical

1.1.1. the duels not a battle between the sexes in the Rivals, but a battle BETWEEN men FOR women 'he has surplanted you' - Sir Lucius 'left me full of rage' - Acres 'my loved Beverley!' - Lydia

1.1.2. Jankyn beats the Wife 'smoot me so that I was deef' 'had me bete on every bon'

1.1.3. wife says she is owed sex 'paye his dette' wherwith sjolde he make his paiement,/If he ne used his sely instrument?'

1.1.4. wife uses sex to get the upper hand 'ye shul have queynte right ynogh at eve' 'I hadde the beste quoniam myghte be'

1.2. emotional

1.2.1. Wife won fight with Jankyn through emotional manipulation 'eer I be deed' 'after that day we hadden never debaat'

1.2.2. Jankyn effects the Wife emotionally with his book 'wikked wives' 'mo proverbes/That in this world ther growen gras of herbes' 'Of Clitermystra, for hire lecherye' 'somme han slayn hir housbondes in hir bed' so much so that there seems to be a similar story in her own tale Midas' wife

1.2.3. The Loathly Lady argues her way into the Knight's affections 'thy gentillesse cometh fro God allone' 'glad poverte is an honest thyng' 'For filthe and eelde...Been grete wardeyns upon chastitee'

1.2.4. her husbands attacked all types of women 'she be a spanyel she wol on hym lepe' 'thou displeseth me/But if that hour wolt preyse my beautee' 'thou liknest eek wommenes love to helle'

2. relationships

2.1. struggle for the upper hand

2.1.1. Lydia starts an arguement 'I wrote a letter to myself' - Lydia 'put myself in a violent passion' - Lydia

2.1.2. Jack's manipulation 'my little Lydia' - Jack 'make myself necessary to her' - Jack Lydia shows her disapproval 'Lawyers! I hate lawyers!' - Lydia

2.1.3. Wife wants to be in control of her husbands 'dettour and my thral' 'I governed hem' 'al the birdel in myn hond'

2.1.4. The fourth husband cheated on her, she tried to make him jealous 'he hadde a paramour' 'his pugatorie' 'how soore I hym twiste'

2.1.5. fight between her and Jankyn she won due to emotional manipulation 'eer I be deed'

2.1.6. Faulkland and Julia she is a slave to him 'a slave to the caprice, the whim, the jealously of this ungrateful Faulkland.' - Lydia 'He is too proud, too noble to be jealous' - Julia 'Happy and I away?' - Faulkland 'he expects every thought and emotion of his mistress to move in unison with his' - Julia 'O, she thrives in my absence!' - Faulkland but does take a stand 'Hold, Faulkland!' - Julia 'it lost you the love of one who would have followed you in beggary through the world' - Julia 'She's gone! Forever!' - Julia

3. patriarchy

3.1. patriarchal 14th Century society

3.1.1. religion 'of Eva' 'that womman was the los of al mankynde' 'Salomon;/I trowe he hadde wyves mo than oon'

3.1.2. women's education

3.1.3. young marriage 'sith I twelve yeer was of age'

3.1.4. fear of sexuality 'virginitee'

3.1.5. socially acceptable to beat your wife 'he smoot me so I was deef'

3.2. evidence of patriarchy in The Rivals

3.2.1. Lydia is manipulated 'make myself necessary to her' - Jack 'humouring my romance' - Lydia

3.2.2. Sir Anthony is proud of Jack's ways 'your father...was so before you' - Sir Anthony 'The blood of the Absolutes was always impatient' - Sir Anthony

3.2.3. arranged marriage 'you shall have him' - Mrs Malaprop

3.2.4. attitude to reading/education 'thought does not become a young woman' - Mrs Malaprop fear 'the black arts' - Sir Anthony 'tree of diabolical knowledge' - Sir Anthony 'I don't think so much learning becomes a young woman' - Mrs Malaprop

3.2.5. Sir Lucius' pass at Lucy 'So, hussy, take a kiss beforehand, to put you in mind' - Sir Lucius

3.2.6. unfair expections must be intelligent but not read so 'so that she does not mispronounce words so shamefully as young girls do' - Mrs Malaprop

4. result

4.1. women win the The Wife of Bath?

4.1.1. The Wife gets the power she wanted

4.1.2. The Loathly Lady also gets what she wanted

4.2. males have won in the Rivals?

4.2.1. Lydia marries even though it is not the same as what she wanted because she values love most 'a lady who like him better as a half-pay ensigh' - Fag 'The Fatal Connection...The Delicate Distress' - Lydia 'that is what I have detirmined to do, ever since I knew the penalty.' - Lydia 'so there will be no elopement after all' - Lydia

4.2.2. both Mrs Malaprop and Lydia were fooled 'did you write the letter?' -Mrs Malaprop 'you have been treating me like a child, humouoring my romance, and lauching, I suppose at your success!' - Lydia 'Smithfield bargain' - Lydia a monetary transaction where the buyer is fooled 'Men are all barbarians' - Mrs Malaprop

4.2.3. Julia and Faulkland end up together

4.2.4. or does love win?

5. male and female attributes

5.1. female

5.1.1. loving 'I wol hym noght, though thou were deed tomorwe!'

5.1.2. compassionate 'your gentle nature' - Julia Julia is perhaps the most 'proper' in The Rivals Lydia differs 'she's as headstrong as an allegory on the banks of the Nile' - Mrs Malaprop 'whatever vexations you may have, I can assure you mine surpass them' - Lydia The Queen saves the Knight from death 'yaf hym to the queene' 'by cours of law, and sholde han lost his heed'

5.1.3. emotional 'I chidee hem spitously'

5.1.4. beautiful 'the worthless flower of beauty' - Mrs Malaprop 'link myself to some mass of ugliness!' - Jack 'skin like a mummy...the beard of a Jew.' - Sir Anthony

5.1.5. sex 'he rafte hire maydenheed'

5.2. male

5.2.1. strong 'Oh, do love like a man' - Jack 'we single lads' - Sir Anthony

5.2.2. aggressive duels Knight's rape The King in the Wife's tale would have killed the man

5.2.3. possesive 'I hadde hem hoolly in myn hond'

5.2.4. can fight duels