Callwrite Telephone Marketing

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Callwrite Telephone Marketing by Mind Map: Callwrite Telephone Marketing

1. 1 Build List

1.1. segment customer types

1.1.1. consider ideal customer no need to pay for lists

2. 2 Make first call

2.1. most people will not be interested this is OK

2.1.1. only looking for those who are interested

2.2. do not try and sell

2.2.1. ask permission to send information

3. 3 email info

3.1. send introduction email

3.1.1. add something of use to customer

4. 4 Build relationship with phone and email

4.1. plan a series of emails that are useful to the customer

4.1.1. call and ask if you can send info

4.2. nudge conversations with simple questions

4.2.1. send useful information

4.3. semi automate and plan this part to the sales process with MailChimp

5. 5 Expand conversations

5.1. nudge conversations with questions

5.2. potential customer will start to open up

5.3. build confidence, trust and credibility

5.4. keep sending useful information

6. 6 Arrange meeting and welcome a new customer/client

6.1. pass another success to senior staff or field sales team

7. Sales person led actions

8. Customer led actions