Siemens Human resources department

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Siemens Human resources department by Mind Map: Siemens  Human resources department

1. Carear Development

2. HR being aware of Mr. Bucaram cultural and religious situation allows him to take additional days off due to Islam holidays

3. 30 days of payed holiday per year are available to Mr Bucaram for the first year of his employment. The days of payed holiday will be increased to 36. Vacation days depend on the experience of the employee.

4. Employees are provided with medical insurance

5. Mr. Bucaram will be awarded with year end financial bonuses in terms of % of yearly salary. Bonuses are based on employee performance and are awarded by the direct manager

6. Monthly Salary- 3800 euros, as a new employee Abdala starts at this pay rate which will be increased in the following years considering his performance

7. Indirect Payments

8. Direct Payments

9. Delivery methods considered for Mr. Bucaram are : On-the-job training; Informal learning; Blended learning and Behavioral modeling

10. Due to Mr Bucaram's personal and cultural differences which are considered restricting in his work it is necessary to employ Learning method as well. His training needs to be more personal with emphasis on internal acceptance, understanding and behavior change

11. Training objectives for Mr Bucaram: Complete understanding of working procedures and mechanisms; Smooth operation with software systems; Good cooperation and communication with colleagues by adapting his personal bariers.

12. Determine what training Mr. Bucaram needs.

13. Settle Mr. Bucaram into his new working invironment

14. Mr. Bucaram's direct manager gets him acquainted with the company's Safety measures and regulations

15. Introduction to the company structure and culture to Abdala by the responsible HR representative

16. Mr. Bucaram direct manager introduces him to the staff, coleagues and management of the company

17. At day 1 representative from the HR depertatmend welcomes Mr. Bucaram and provides him with company credentials and access to information

18. Designing the job description

19. Assess future requirements and objectives

20. Need of Management Analysist Arises

21. Evaluate the current manpower resources and distribution

22. Performance Management

23. Training

24. Orientation

25. Location: Berlin, Germany

26. Human Resource Planing

27. Profile: Engineering & Electronics

28. Recruitment

29. Selection

30. Compensation and Benefits

31. Determining job specifications & competencies for a Management Analyst at Siemens

32. In order to spread the news for the open position and attract suitable candidates the HR team rely on the use of the company website & professional recruitment company. Besides this employee referrals are also welcome.

33. Siemens will hopefully persons who are matching their requirements and send their vacany

34. The HR management analyzes all the applicants according to the companies requirements.

35. Mr. Bucaram and the Siemens are agree on the job conditions and both undersign the contract, which includes a three months trial period.

36. After analyzing all applicants, the HR management and the direct manager of the new employee create a short list with the 5 most suitable applicants (Including Mr. Bucaram) and invites them for a personal job interview.

37. During the interview an HR and the direct manager screen the applicants and determine if the person suits to the job.

38. After having a successful job interview in which the company also talked about Mr. Bucaram's personal issues, they decide that he is the best applicant for this kind of job.

39. The next appraisal would be a 360 Degree feedback, in which all the team ( to which also Mr. Bucaram belongs) meet and determine their performance in the project.

40. Another important appraisal which will be performed every 6 months is the critical incident method. This will be done to monitor the employees behavior. In our case if Mr. Bucarams strong belief influences his work in any way.

41. Two weeks after the semi annual critical incident report, Mr. Bucaram has to do a Appraisal interview with his supervisor.

42. The performance evaluation showed that Mr. Bucaram is doing a good job, with potential to grow. However, it needs to be monitored if his changes after a trip to Mekka will be only temporary or current.

43. If Mr. Bucaram continuous to improve his performance, he has good chances to be promoted soon and will be in the possition of a management replacement.

44. How far Mr. Bucaram will make it in the company is always depending on his performance and it needs to be considered that he has a big family, which can be a handicap to enter the high level management.

45. The company determines if and how Mr. Bucaram reached the goals set. It will help to improve future performance which can influence his final salary and career.

46. Since Mr. Bucaram has shown a satisfactory performance and has the chance of being promoted and clime up the ladder in the management.

47. However, Mr. Bucaram is not yet ready for a promotion. This would require further training.

48. The first appraisal will be Management by objectives, in order to evaluate if Mr. Bucaram reached the companies goals and has been the right choice for this job.

49. After 18 months of performing on a good level o, Siemens decides to keep Mr. Bucaram for long term with which he is agree.

50. His strong religious attitude is not that distinct anymore and was only current.

51. After 6 moth, the company is performing the first performance appraisal with Mr. Bucaram. After this it will be repeated every two months.

52. The training of Mr Bucaram will be conducted both individually and in groups together with other employees. The training will be lead by hired specialist in professional training and supervised by the direct manager of the employee and the HR manager

53. When Mr Bucaram is done with his training program the direct manager and HR manager who supervised the training make an evaluation of the program. The managers decide on how the training went on, was is successful or not, how effective it was and how it effected Mr. Bucaram.

54. The compensation and benefits that will be awarded to the new employee are set by the direct manager of the department and the HR management. The beginning monthly salary and indirect payments are fixed to the company standards.

55. Resourses and References

56. Main resource: Dessler, Gary. An Introduction to Human Resource Management. Prentice-Hall, 2011. Print.

57. Recruitment and Selection :

58. Additional Resources

59. Cultural Overview of the country:

60. Compensation and Benefits: