PPI Roundtable Planning

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PPI Roundtable Planning by Mind Map: PPI Roundtable Planning

1. Logistics & Budget

1.1. Identify and establish local points of contact

1.2. Create speaker logistics spreadsheet with arrival and departure dates

1.3. Communicate with Liz regarding staff and speaker accommodation needs

1.4. Identify and communicate ground transportation options for speakers

1.5. Develop AV logistics agenda for Liz and hotel

1.6. Budget / Actual Reconciliation

1.7. Reimbursement process completed

1.8. Venue and Date Finalized (18 months prior to event)

1.8.1. Begin Venue and Date Selection (24 months prior)

1.8.2. Select upcoming year’s Roundtable dates and potential venues in coordination with the Joint Program Committee and Advisory Council (24 months prior)

1.8.3. Work with Liz Williams to secure venue (21 months prior)

1.8.4. Ensure adequate air travel access from Asia to destination city in North America and vice versa (23 months prior)

2. Program Development

2.1. Program - Theme Selection (12 months prior)

2.1.1. Identify possible themes with the Program Committee and Advisory Council (18 months prior)

2.1.2. Preliminary research on possible themes (17 months prior)

2.1.3. Recommend theme to Program Committee (14 months prior)

2.2. Program - Thematic Agenda Development

2.2.1. Research overall theme (e.g. sovereign debt) and sub-themes. Beginnings of the recommended reading list

2.2.2. Identify and develop approximately six sessions – mixture of keynote and panel discussions.

2.2.3. Identify and develop either a lunch or dinner session, but not both

2.2.4. Initiate keynote speaker outreach

2.2.5. Conduct first of many conference calls with the in-country host to discuss program status and invite input and speaker recommendations

2.3. Program - Detailed Agenda Development

2.3.1. Put sessions into time-line agenda

2.3.2. Formulate key questions for each session

2.3.3. Identify speakers for each session

2.4. Program - Speaker Outreach and Invitation

2.4.1. Set up internal speaker tracking system (potential, invited, confirmed, declined)

2.4.2. Use PPI network to identify and contact speakers

2.4.3. Send out formal invitations with email follow-up to each speaker along with cc to PPI network contact

2.4.4. Final Speaker roster

2.5. Program - Pre-Program Speaker Planning

2.5.1. Upon confirmation, send out speaker packet: request for bio/photo, travel itinerary, reiterate the reimbursement process, and notify of conference call during the month prior to Roundtable

2.5.2. Initiate conference call to provide program and agenda overview and invite input

2.5.3. Develop a co-chair agenda with session talking points, transitions and speaker bios

2.5.4. Arrange and lead conference calls for all session participants

2.5.5. Reiterate the speaker topics, speaker order if a panel, and role of facilitator

2.5.6. Provide a follow-up email summarizing the conference call, and each speaker’s role, including content and flow of session

2.6. Program - Communications

2.6.1. Cover Design

2.6.2. Save the date

2.6.3. Initial Invitation

2.6.4. Identify photographer / videographer

2.6.5. Reminder Invites

2.6.6. Bios

2.6.7. Organizational Profiles

2.6.8. Speaker Photos

2.6.9. Recommended Reading

2.6.10. Logistics / Travel Details / Reminders

2.6.11. Registration Closed

2.6.12. Program Agenda

2.6.13. Program Book

2.6.14. Name Tag List

2.6.15. Final Registration List

2.6.16. Comment Cards

2.6.17. Create Slides of Session Titles and Transitions

2.6.18. Member Presentation

2.6.19. Finalize Plans for Event Photography

2.6.20. Participants Addendum Printed

2.6.21. Final Agenda - printed / shipped

2.7. Program - Evaluation Report

2.7.1. Set up comment card input spreadsheets

2.7.2. Enter comment card data

2.7.3. Incorporate registration and attendance data

2.7.4. Write evaluation report

2.8. Program - Roundtable Report

2.8.1. Transcription: 3 weeks

2.8.2. First draft of report: 45 days

2.8.3. Marsha’s edits: 5-7 days

2.8.4. Second draft: 5-7 days

2.8.5. Design and layout: 5 days

2.8.6. Proofing the final design and layout: 3 days

2.8.7. Print production: 3-5 days

2.8.8. Mailout: 2 days