My Life

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My Life by Mind Map: My Life

1. Family

1.1. Mom

1.2. Dad

1.3. Sandi

1.4. Ashley

1.5. Jamie

1.6. Amanda

1.7. Kailynn

1.8. Seth

1.9. Jackson

1.10. Michael

1.11. I have a big family. My mom and Dad had four children: myself and my sisters Ashley, Jamie, and Amanda. After my parents divorced, My Dad got remarried and had my two brothers: Seth and Jackson. After my Dad got divorced again, he married my stepmom who already had two children: Michael and Kailynn. In order from oldest to youngest it goes: Ashley, Michael, Me, Jamie, Amanda, Kailynn, Seth, and Jackson.

2. School

2.1. Riverview Collegiate

2.1.1. Grade 12

2.2. Minot State University

2.2.1. Communication Disorders

2.2.2. After obtaining my Bachelors degree in Communication Disorders here at Minot State University, I plan on going on to get my Masters degree either here or at another University. I really want to go to whichever University has the leading program for my degree because I want to everything I can to be the best of the best. I also wouldn't mind going somewhere that's warm all year round.

3. Interests

3.1. Basketball

3.2. Volleyball

3.3. Football

3.4. Reading

3.5. Music

3.6. Movies

3.7. Canoeing

3.8. Camping

4. Goals

4.1. Skydiving

4.2. Travel

4.3. Marriage and Children

4.4. Rescue shelter pets

4.5. Build up a town in a third world country

4.6. Become one of the best Speech Language Pathologists in North America

4.7. Visit Every province in Canada and every state in The United States

5. Favourites

5.1. Colour: Pink

5.2. Number: 7

5.3. Sport: Basketball

5.4. Football Team: Saskatchewan Roughriders

5.5. Song Artist: Taylor Swift

5.6. Band: Rise Against

5.7. Movie Series: New Batman Trilogy

5.8. Chick Flick: Life As We Know It