Present Perfect Simple/Continuous

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Present Perfect Simple/Continuous by Mind Map: Present Perfect Simple/Continuous

1. Recent events

1.1. Present perfect simple

1.1.1. Describe recent events I've left my shopping behind.

1.1.2. a past event, but the result is in the present I've broken my arm, as you can see.

1.1.3. no definite time is given for the event, but to emphasize the idea of recentness we can use just. I've just broken my watch.

1.1.4. Describe events that have not happened I haven't found her phone number yet

2. Indefinite events

2.1. Present perfect simple

2.1.1. A series of actions I've been to France three times

2.2. Compared with past simple

2.2.1. Definite times I went to France last year

2.2.2. Think of a definite place for an event I left my shopping bag on train

3. Extended or repeated events

3.1. Present perfect simple

3.1.1. describes a state which lasts up to the present I've lived in this house for five years.

3.1.2. describe a habitual action in a period of time up to the present I've always left my bike here, and nobody has complained before!

3.2. Present perfect contiuous

3.2.1. describe a state which lasts up to the present moment I've been living in this house for five years.

3.2.2. The meaning is little difference between simple and continuous in this case or in How long questions. How long have you lived / been living in this house?

3.2.3. The verbs wait, sit, lie, stay prefer the continuouse I've been waiting for ages.

4. Present perfect simple or continuous

4.1. Completed action

4.1.1. An action is completed I've finished my homework!

4.1.2. After how many or how much

4.1.3. An amounts has been completed I've written ten page of my homework!

4.2. Not completed

4.2.1. Present perfect continious An action is not completed or has finished recently We've been walking for hours! Let's have a rest. I've been fixing my scooter. That's why I'm so dirty!

4.3. Present result or action in progress

4.3.1. Present perfect simple The attention is on the present result I've done my homework. Now I can watch the TV.

4.3.2. Present perfect continuous The attention is on the action in progress