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Presentation by Mind Map: Presentation

1. 10 Tips for More Effective PowerPoint Presentations

2. presentation tips and advice

2.1. PowerPoint Presentation Advice

3. introduction to the practice area: read the chapter in your text as well as two professional journal articles about your practice areas.

3.1. incidence and prevalence of the social problem/ issue

3.2. general description of services available to those individuals

3.3. specific description of the services available at the agency or practice you visited

4. conclusion

4.1. Would you like to work for this organization? Did you find the work interesting? Would you consider working in this field?

4.2. questions and references

5. The Work of the Agency

5.1. target population

5.2. case studies: a typical case/ a challenging case

5.3. needs assessment/ treatment planning process

5.4. current macro issues/ challenges

5.5. How does the the social worker measure success? How common is success? What are the most challenging aspects of the work? Most rewarding aspects?

6. The Organization

6.1. What are the funding sources for the agency? What is it like to work for the organization? How is success for the organization determined? What does the organization do well? What does it need to improve?

7. Death By Powerpoint