WindowsPlast ICT 2014

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WindowsPlast ICT 2014 by Mind Map: WindowsPlast ICT 2014

1. Collaboration & documents

1.1. Product & Provider

1.1.1. The product is: Microsoft 365 for business. The provider is: Microsoft.

1.2. Key functionality

1.2.1. It's designed for business. It's useful for other IT-services.

1.3. Business advantage

1.3.1. Email and agenda are shared. You won't receive advertising.

1.4. Source


2. Backup

2.1. Product & Provider

2.1.1. The name of the procut is the MS Exchange Server Backup. The provider is Ibackup.

2.2. Key functionality

2.2.1. It's possible to retrieve all or selected emails that may have been lost or deleted. It an easy, fast and realiable way to backup.

2.3. Business advantage

2.3.1. Critical information between employees, customers and partners takes places over emails. Important information can be lost. With the MS Exchange Server Backup there won't lost any detail.

2.4. Source


3. Mail & instant messaging

3.1. Product & Provider

3.1.1. Product: Microsoft Lync

3.1.2. Provider: Microsoft

3.2. Key functionality

3.2.1. Lync connects people everywhere, it's a unified communciations platform. IM and presence, video conferencing, lync meetings and telephony are available.

3.3. Business advantage

3.3.1. It's immediately linked to your agenda. You can contact different people on different ways without any problem.

3.4. Source


4. Sales and customer support and tracking

4.1. Product & Provider

4.1.1. Product: Customer Tracking Software

4.1.2. Provider: NOVO Solutions

4.2. Key functionality

4.2.1. Empower Sales Representatives with relevant Market knowledge

4.2.2. Centralize Data for Dispersed Sales Representatives

4.2.3. Automate Sales Representatives with Historical Customer Service Information

4.2.4. Automate Sales Tasks

4.3. Business advantage

4.3.1. efficient working on the sales department

4.3.2. clients will be more satisfied

4.3.3. it increases sales

4.4. Source


5. Telecommunication cost

5.1. Product & Provider

5.1.1. Product: Skype

5.1.2. Provider: Skype

5.2. Key functionality

5.2.1. It's a free tool on the Internet for everyone. It's useful on your pc, iPad, smartphone, ... Also group video calls are possible.

5.3. Business advantage

5.3.1. You save money. Sales figures and new clients can increase.

5.4. Source


6. Sales mobility

6.1. Key functionality

6.1.1. It's possible to use your mobile phone or table for daily sales activites. CRM data is available with you erverywhere.

6.2. Business advantage

6.2.1. It will change the game for your mobile sales workers. It automatically keeps your CRM data consistent and up to date. The company becomes more efficient and productive.

6.3. Source


6.4. Product & Provider

6.4.1. Product: Oracle's Sales Mobiliyt Solutions

6.4.2. Provider: Oracla

7. Training

7.1. Product & Provider

7.1.1. Provider: Global Knowledge

7.1.2. Product: Cloud Computing Essentials

7.2. Key functionality

7.2.1. Learning the evolution of the cloud and exploring the financial benefits as well as the security risks, and you will gain a solid understanding of fundamental concepts, deployment, architecture, and design

7.3. Business advantage

7.3.1. At the end of the course, the Exin exam 'CLOUD Foundation' will be taken. You will have a certification.

7.4. Source