Green Computing

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Green Computing by Mind Map: Green Computing

1. Methodological Review

1.1. Research Data

1.1.1. Secondary Data External Authenticity Published Material Online Library Social / Professional Networking Internal (Organization) Access Limitations Non-disclosure Agreements Permission / Copyright Issues

1.1.2. Primary Data Qualitative Company Interview Focus Groups Quantitative Limited access to relevant people Too time consuming Geographical Location Issues Money Constrains

1.2. Collaboration

1.2.1. Online Calendar, Groups, Document Sharing

1.2.2. Skype

1.2.3. Email

1.2.4. XML - Reference Sharing

1.2.5. MindMaster - Idea Sharing

1.2.6. Weekly student meetings Record Meeting Minutes Agenda Discussion Milestone Discussion Raising Issues / Urgency Planning & Projecting (Timeline)

1.2.7. Academic Advisor Emails Sharing links to documents, resources, ideas, mindmaps, ...

1.3. Objectives

1.3.1. Understanding Issues

1.3.2. Explore pre-requisites

1.3.3. Prove / Disprove claims and role of Green IT

1.4. Motivation

1.4.1. Work Experience

1.4.2. Personal Interest

1.4.3. Voluntary Work