Social Impact: Wharton Alums

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Social Impact: Wharton Alums by Mind Map: Social Impact: Wharton Alums

1. Investing & Micro-finance

1.1. Archana Shah, Grameen America

1.2. Clara Chow, Generation Enterprise

1.3. Rosanna Ramos Velitas

1.4. Jean-Philippe de Schrevel, BambooFinance

1.5. Nadia Anggraini, Nonprofit Investor (NPI)

1.6. Lisa Hall, Calvert Foundation

1.7. Paul Herman, CEO+Founder, HIP Investor W'89

1.8. Andrew Dudum, Founder, Head of Product

2. Strengthening Urban Communities

2.1. Bobby Turner, Canyon-Johnson Fun

2.1.1. Aarthi Sowrirajan, Canyon Agassi

2.1.2. Glenn Pierce, Canyon Agassi

2.2. Jeff Henritig, NextStreet

2.3. Heeyoon Slater, Year Up

2.4. I-Hsing Sun, Office of Financial Empowerment/NYC Department of Consumer Affairs

2.5. Matt Bergheiser, University City District

3. Re-envisioning Business

3.1. Warby Parker

3.1.1. Dave Gilboa

3.1.2. Neil Blumenthal

3.2. Robert Hornsby, Jobomax

3.3. Bruce Cahan

3.4. Eric Lowitt, WG01

3.5. Dan Skaff, OnePacific Coast Bank

4. Driving $ to impact

4.1. Sector Improvement

4.1.1. Kat Rosqueta, WG01,Center for High Impact Philanthropy (Penn)

4.1.2. Greg Ulrich, Hope Consulting

4.1.3. Liz Dow, Leadership Philadelphia

4.2. Philanthropy

4.2.1. Mailee Walker, Claneil Foundation

4.2.2. Lisa Hall, Calvert Foundation

4.2.3. Tania Das. Kresge Foundation

4.2.4. Laura Sparks, William Penn Foundation

4.2.5. Anjana Pandey, Robin Hood Foundation

4.2.6. Helen Foster, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

4.3. Education

4.3.1. Joyce Meng, Givology

4.3.2. Jennifer Chen, Givology

4.3.3. Carl Mackey, Givology

4.3.4. Cesar Bocanegra, Donors Choose

5. Protecting the Environment

5.1. Geoff Rochester, Nature Conservancy

6. Employing the hard-to-employ

6.1. Gabe Mandajuano, Wash Cycle

6.2. Matthew Shelley, Greyston Bakery

6.3. Philip Weinberg, STRIVE International

6.4. Alicia Polak, The Bread Project

7. Empowering Women and Girls

7.1. Suzanne Biegel, ClearlySo

8. Improving Health

8.1. Dr. Vikram Bakhru, The Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children

8.2. Dr. Mehmet Oz

8.3. Gary Phillips, Healthcare Industries at World Economic Forum

8.4. Clinton Health Access Initiative

8.4.1. Kelly McCrystal, Clinton Health Access Initative

8.4.2. John R, Clinton Health Access Initiative

8.4.3. Jessica Chervin, Clinton Health Access Initiative

8.4.4. Kisimbi Kyumwa Thomas, Clinton Health Access Initiative

8.4.5. Joshua Chu, Clinton Health Access Initiative

8.5. Bob Hornsby, Peace Corps (Community Education)

8.6. Audra Renyi, World Wide Hearing

9. Access to Clean Water

9.1. Mary McKay, Director - Special Projects at WaterHealth International

9.2. Aakash Mathur, Hydros Water Bottle

9.3. Jay Parekh, Hydros Water Bottle

9.4. Mary McKay,

9.5. Alexander Mittal, Hydros Water Bottle via Innova Dynamics

9.6. Michael Young, Hydros Water Bottle

10. Supporting Social Entrepreneurs

10.1. Leslie Benoliel, Entrepreneur Works

10.2. Amy Lesnick, Full Circle Fund

10.3. Becky Bailey, WG12 Agora Partnerships

10.4. Tracie Neuhaus, Monitor Institute

11. SI Consulting

11.1. Shije Lu, FSG

11.2. Frances Schendle, Bridgespan Group

11.3. Kelly C, Bridgespan Group

11.4. Erin S, Bridgespan Group

11.5. Jacqueline Murphy, Bridgespan Group

11.6. Chhavi Ghuliani, BSR (Business for Social Responsibility)

11.7. Lee R, Dalberg Global Development Advisors

11.8. Joe D, Dalberg Global Development Advisors

11.9. Lisa L, Dalberg Global Development Advisors

11.10. Dane Smith,FSG

11.11. SallyMunimetsu, TCC

11.12. Eric Lowitt, WG01, Independent Consultant

11.13. Lee Huang, Econsult

11.14. Emre Ersenkal, DAI

12. Poverty Alleviation

12.1. Nisheeta Labroo, Save the Children

12.2. International Development

12.2.1. Rajiv Shah, USAID

12.3. Norbert Hsu, World Vision

13. Human Rights

13.1. Joe Jordano, International Justice

13.2. Indika Samarawickreme., Free the Slaves

14. Using Food to improve health and build community

14.1. Addressing Food Insecurity

14.1.1. Bill Clark, Philabundance

14.1.2. Jack Friend, Feeding America

14.2. Supporting local food suppliers

14.2.1. Tatiana Granados, Common Market

14.2.2. Haile Johnston, Common Market

15. Education

15.1. Crowdfunding College Costs

15.1.1. David Klein, Common Bond

15.1.2. Michael Taormina, Common Bond

15.1.3. Jessup Shean, Common Bond

15.2. Youth

15.2.1. Chris Balme, Spark

15.2.2. Eric Adler, SEED

15.2.3. Geoffrey See , Chosen Exchange

15.2.4. Jessica Foster, Youth Villages

15.2.5. Albert H. Pak, 12+

15.2.6. Christine Loui, Net Impact

15.2.7. Jeremiah Marble, Peace Coprs & UNESCO

15.3. University Social Impact

15.3.1. Sherryl Kuhlman WG01, Wharton Social Impact Initiative

16. Government

16.1. Rachna Handa Sankaran (WG’08) Project Manager - U.S. Department of Energy

16.2. Kit Cutler, The Urban Institute Center on International Development and Governance (IDG)

17. Business Development

17.1. David Mills, Peace Corps (Cameroonian Cooperative Credit Union League)

17.2. Dorian Stone, Peace Corps (Program Director: Republic of Panama-Small Business Development)

17.3. Chris Heather, Peace Corps (Small Business Development)

17.4. Alexander G. Sotiriou, Peace Corps (Small Enterprise Development)

17.5. Tzyy-Ming Yeh, Peace Corps (Small Business Development)

17.6. David Larson, Peace Corps (Micro-finance & Micro-credit Improvement)

17.7. Karen Premo, Peace Corps (Small Business Development)

17.8. Margaret Lee, Peace Corps (Small Business Adviser)

17.9. Robert Borges, Peace Corps (Regional Planner - Municipal Development )

17.10. Suma Reddy, Peace Corps (Business Development)

17.11. Gavin Oxman, Peace Corps (Small Business Development)

17.12. Howard Behr, Peace Corps (Small Business Development

17.13. Hans Battle, Peace Corps ( Business & Economic Development )

17.14. Tim Parry, Peace Corps (Small Business Adviser)

17.15. Leeatt Rothschild, Peace Corps, International Development

17.16. Bradley Dakake, Peace Corps, ( Small Business Development)

17.17. Tara Grillos, Peace Corps (Micro Lending)

17.18. Jared Susco, Peace Corps (Rural Economic Development" Savings & Loan Cooperative)

17.19. Samuel Young, Peace Corps ( Small Business Development)