Erika's Story

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Erika's Story by Mind Map: Erika's Story

1. By: Jamaal Dickens

2. Keywords and phrases

2.1. Erika

2.2. Abandoned

2.3. Parents sent to concentration camp

2.4. Shares her story

3. Important quotes

3.1. "On her way to death, my mother threw me to life"

3.1.1. This quote is important because it shows how Erika was saved from being sent to a concentration camp.

3.2. "My star still shines"

3.2.1. This quote shows how Erika is still one of the Jews that survived the holocaust and lived to talk about it.

4. Welcome

5. The Star

5.1. Create maps wherever you are

5.2. The star represents Erika being one of the last of her kind.

6. Personal thoughts

6.1. I thought the book was a really sad book because Erika lost her parents to the holocaust

6.2. This book was a true story which made the story's emotional sense stronger.

7. The Train

7.1. The train represented no freedom or being captured in a concentration camp.


8.1. Character bookmark

8.1.1. The actions of Erika s mom confused me

8.1.2. The book would be different because then you wouldn't get the story from the lady the same way.

8.1.3. The protagonist does not force the antagonist to change.

8.1.4. You could not see the characters in my story

8.1.5. Erika is the main antagonist. I know this because she is talking about her life throughout the story.

8.2. Theme bookmark

8.2.1. To really understand someone is to be close and truly see someone else's point of view over a matter

8.2.2. Inhumanity and cruelty do exist in the world today. We should have neighbor hood watches and things like that to see cruelty before it happens

8.2.3. Inhumanity is a theme in this book

8.2.4. Nobody helps the characters treated unkindly.

9. New Node