9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

Sean M
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9 Elements of Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

1. Digital law

1.1. The legal rights and restrictions governing technology use

1.2. travis hacks websites on his own time

1.3. sean went to the cops after he read that their was going to be a bomb threat

2. Digital Rights and Responsibilities

2.1. the privileges and freedoms extended to all digital technology users an dthe behavioral expectations hat come with them

2.2. sean updates his computer every time a new update comes out

2.3. kyle has not updated his computer for years.

3. Digital Health and Wellness

3.1. The elements of physical and pcychological well-being related to digital technology use

3.2. Bri makes a schedule of when she can use the computer and when she goes and hangs out with her friends

3.3. Nash stays in his house all day and doesnt talk to his friends face to face

4. Digital Security

4.1. The precautions that all technology users must take to guarntee their personal saftey and the security of the network

4.2. Bri puts a lock on her twitter so only her friends could see what posts

4.3. kyle dosent put any locks on his facebook so that everybody could see what he postes

5. Digital Literacy

5.1. The capability to use digital techonology and knowing when and how to use it

5.2. nash started to use his phone after he was done with all his work.

5.3. alison is on her phone when the teacher is teaching her class

6. Digital Access

6.1. Full electronic participation in society.

6.2. Johnny just got internet at his house for his birthday.

7. Digital Commerce

7.1. The buying and selling of goods online.

7.2. Nash was selling games online and when people bought the games he made sure he sent the games.

7.3. Travis was selling shoes online and after people bought the shoes he didnt send the shoes.

7.4. Some big computer companies dont help the people that need the internet have the oppertunitie to use it.

8. Digital Communication

8.1. The electronic exchange of information.

8.2. Allison texted Chelsey about the test monday because Chelsey was absent.

8.3. Travis sent naked pictures to a girl he likes to impress her.

9. Digital Etiquette

9.1. The standards of conduct exepted by other digital technology users.

9.2. Kyle saw a dumb picture of a student but didnt comment because it might hurt his feelings.

9.3. Travis was being rude and told a student nobody likes him over the internet.