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Wrestling by Mind Map: Wrestling

1. Technique

1.1. If you look at any state champion they all have technique.

1.2. Technique is'nt something you need but it is something that you will gain over the course of the years.

1.3. This is really important but you wont need it if you dont have the other three things.

2. Dedication

2.1. Dedication is a part of any sport, but it helps alot in wrestling.

2.2. If your not Dedicated your not motivated to work hard or come to practice everyday.

2.3. this is the second most important thing in wrestling.

3. Perseverence

3.1. To even step on the mat you need pereseverence.

3.2. Perseverence is to finish what you started and do it well, so you need good conditioning to wrestle all 3 periods.

3.3. this is the third most important thing in wrestling.

4. The Will to Win

4.1. This is probably the most important thing in wrestling.

4.2. You could be lacking in everything else but if you have the will to win any match could be won.

4.3. This is the number 1 thing you need to succeed in wrestling.