Future Career

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Future Career by Mind Map: Future Career

1. Administrative Assistant

1.1. Job Description

1.1.1. Administrative Assistant is a broad job category that designates an individual who provides various kinds of administrative support to people and groups in business enterprises.

2. Pros

2.1. Communicating

2.2. You're,your own boss

2.3. You are in charge of what happens in the company you either hire or fire people that meet or do not meet expectations

2.4. High salary more than regular workers of comapny

2.5. you get most of the credit out of the company than the other workers (employees)

3. Cons

3.1. You need to be very good at multitasking, doing four things at once wont be enough.

3.2. you have to know exactly who to call and when.

3.3. Stress

3.4. Accounting duties for the entire business and responsible for listening to complaints

3.5. Office Technology

4. Pros

4.1. New places to go to and a lot of change so you wont get tired of the same old office.

4.2. meeting new people

4.3. Promotion

4.4. High salary depending on how good you work

4.5. Flexible hours

5. Cons

5.1. Stress

5.2. Change

5.3. Have to be very oraganized

5.4. Time management and ability to cope with pressure

5.5. Multitasking

6. Office Manager

6.1. Job Description

6.1.1. Office management is a profession involving office supervisory positions.People that hold office management positions conduct special studies and based on the results of these special studies, they develop reports.

7. Pros

7.1. A social worker gets to help others and make a difference in other peoples lives

7.2. You learn more about kids in the newer generation.

7.3. Makes you feel good about yourself

7.4. More vacation time.

7.5. Knowing a lot about people and how to deal with them.

8. Cons

8.1. The pay is low. It is also emotionally draining work.

8.2. A social worker/counslor has a lot on their schedule, its a very stressful job to run.

8.3. Making classes and beginning of the year is tough ( changing classes/dropping them) .

8.4. If you mess up in something it will cause a big drama.

8.5. You have to communicate with the people and you have to be patient.

9. Manager

9.1. Job Description

9.1.1. There are many types of managers, office managers, hotel managers, restaurant managers, etc... but they all have the same job, to run a successful company and make lots of money. A manager is person responsible for controlling or administering all, or part of a company.

10. Events Coordinator

10.1. Job Description

10.1.1. Event coordinators, also known as event or meeting planners, are in charge of coordinating all the details required to ensure an event runs smoothly and successfully.

11. Cons

11.1. Low pay unless you are a high end planner (celebrities or an exclusive planner with connections)

11.2. Sacrificing weekends.

11.3. There's a lot of stress involved in this career, you have to plan and stay up long hours and make sure everything goes well.

11.4. You never know when something could go wrong.

12. Pros

12.1. Bonus (average 2%), social security, retirement, disability, health care, pension, and time off

12.2. Meeting new people. You get to meet many amazing new people during your job.

12.3. You get to travel, be yo places you never been, try new food, new culture etc...

12.4. You'll be easily to change jobs, you don't have to work with one person you can have your own company, you could be your own boss.

12.5. When all of your hard work coordinating the event are realized and your client and guests enjoying themselves.

13. Pros

13.1. Get the credit for all the good work that your team does.

13.2. Managers generally are paid more than others in the company. They appear to have more power.

13.3. If you are a business manager you usually get a company car.

13.4. You will be able to further your career with this company or another company because of work experience.

13.5. You get more control over the business and how you want to run it.

14. Cons

14.1. You get the blame for all the bad work

14.2. You have to deal with a constant stream of people complaining about things, most likely employees

14.3. More responsibility and pressure on what will work best for your company.

14.4. Somebody Always Wants Your Job.

14.5. It can be difficult to change your job especially if you have your own company with working employees.

15. Simran Sahota

16. Social Worker / Counselor

16.1. Job Description

16.1.1. Counselors help people to explore feelings and emotions that are often related to their experiences.

17. Deep Gir

18. Personality

18.1. ENFJ - The giver

18.2. People skills are extraordinary

18.3. They are typically very straight-forward and honest.

18.4. have a special gift with people, and are basically happy people when they can use that gift to help other

18.5. ESFJ Caregiver

18.6. Receive satisfaction from giving to others

18.7. Organized and loyal really enjoy interacting with people

18.8. Very cooperative, good team members

18.9. Enjoy creating order, structure and schedules also enjoy .Warm-hearted and sympathetic

18.10. Tend to put others' needs above their own