Hop Hop Report Feb 7

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Hop Hop Report Feb 7 by Mind Map: Hop Hop Report Feb 7

1. Roundtable Discussion

1.1. Featured Guest 1

1.2. Featured Guest 2

1.2.1. Topic 1. Economy Recession and the poor…Are they really effected

1.2.2. Topic 2. Philanthropy Helping vs Hustle – Are companys and celebs doing just enough charity work to get by?

1.2.3. Topic 3. Entertinment Inspiration – What drive your true inspiration to be successful?

1.2.4. Topic 4. Sports Is the spirt of competiton being removed from sport games.

1.3. Featured Guest 3

2. News Cast

2.1. Suggested Featured News Topics

2.1.1. NRA Slams POTUS' Skeet Shooting Photo

2.1.2. Owner Of Brazil Club That Caught Fire & Killed 235 Tries To Commit Suicide!

2.1.3. Rick Ross Shooting...Rick Ross Gets 24-Hour Armed Security As 911 Call Surfaces!

2.1.4. Facebook Foolishness! Man Arrested For Posing With Baby & Gun On Facebook!

2.1.5. Additional School Shootings

2.1.6. Unchained And Scandalous: Washington Wins 3 Trophies At NAACP Image Awards

2.1.7. Gabby Douglas Becomes 1st Black Female Gymnast To Win Solo Gold Medal

2.1.8. Denzel Washington Says He Squashed 7-Year Feud With Quentin Tarantino

2.1.9. Black Entrepreneurship Alive and Well At NYC Digital Summit

2.1.10. Soul Singer Cecil Womack Dead At 65

3. C'Mon Son

3.1. C'mon Son Weeks Wrap Up

3.1.1. Wrap up of Daily News of the Week Superbowl (Power outage, Beyonce, commercials) California Preschool Closing After Alleged Sexual Activity Between 4- And 5-Year-Olds Lil Wayne Fights Camera Man at Superbowl Joe Flaco Drops F Bomb on live TV (Superbowl Win) Super Bowl Champ Brendon Ayanbadejo (Gay Rights vs Civil Rights) NRA Slams POTUS' Skeet Shooting Photo Judge Accuses Allen Iverson Of Being A Bad Father And Alcoholic Convicted Murderer Accidentally Released In Chicago Burger King Admits That Their Burgers Are Made Of Horsemeat! George Zimmerman Ran Through $300,000 Of Donations WTF?! Mother Forces 3-Year-Old Toddler To Get A Tattoo!

3.1.2. Highlights from the best Fans / Viewers submissions (Photos and Video)

3.2. C'mon Son Daily Outline

3.2.1. Ex. "Message Mondays" Politics Insert Topic Insert Topic Economy Insert Topic Insert Topic World Insert Topic Insert Topic Inspirational Insert Topic Insert Topic

3.2.2. Ex. "Tell It All" Tuesdays InstaGram Highlights Insert Topic Dumbest Tweets Insert Topic Insert Topic Social Media Trends Insert Topic Insert Topic Celeb News Insert Topic Insert Topic

3.2.3. Ex. "WTF" Wensdays Current Trends Insert Topic Insert Topic Celebritities Insert Topic Insert Topic Why The Fuk Do They Insert Topic Insert Topic Interview Insert Topics Insert Topics

3.2.4. Ex. "Throwback" Thursdays Legendary moments Great Moment in Hip Hop That You Were A Part Of Funny celebraty Throwback Pics Insert Topic Insert Topic

3.2.5. Ex. "Feature Fridays" Fashion / Lifestyle Insert Topic Insert Topic Current Trends Thrends You Like Trends You Dislike New Business New businesses Celeb Ventures Technology Insert Topic Insert Topic

4. Interviews

4.1. Remote Interviews

4.1.1. Featured Guests Input from Trending News Exploring Soloutions

4.2. Interviews (One on One)

4.2.1. Gravy Featured Guest Latest Projects Business Ventures Community Projects Contribution to Hip Hop Family / Lifestyle

4.2.2. Gravy Latest Projects Business Ventures Community Projects Contribution to Hip Hop Family / Lifestyle