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Underground by Mind Map: Underground

1. Purpose

1.1. us

1.1.1. Army of affilates for next years launch

1.1.2. Sell product launch checklist

1.1.3. Prospects for next year's students

1.1.4. Attract the right people to buy into our vision

1.1.5. Get referrals - if you have someon ein your life... if you love them, send them our way

1.2. Audience

1.2.1. Behind the scenes of two biz

1.2.2. Idea extraction methodoligy

1.2.3. Key messages Software is lucrative You can build it if you have no clue Idea extraction We want to create millions of entrepreneurs

2. ideas

2.1. Where is the future going

2.1.1. Commitment

2.1.2. Communities

2.1.3. Coaching

2.1.4. Software

3. why software

3.1. highest CL value

3.2. low turnover

3.3. ave mmebership site = four months

3.4. High margins low overhead

3.5. Long term business

3.6. sellable - vs information

4. What we've learend

4.1. This many dropped off

4.2. Time commitments

4.3. Didn't have enough time/money

4.4. Refunds

4.5. Why was this gropu not successful

4.6. This 10% was always

4.7. Here's how we're tackling the other group

4.8. Refund email

5. Hook

5.1. Dive into pipeline

5.2. Foundation

5.2.1. we believe biz can be started w/out idea

5.2.2. Restore the american dream

6. Why we're here

6.1. Vision

6.2. Hook

6.2.1. Behind the scenes of $1M software biz

6.2.2. Case studies of software businesses started from nothing

6.2.3. How to extract the most profitable busienss ideas from your existing audience

6.2.4. How to add software to your backend

7. Outline

7.1. Hook

7.1.1. Prove to you why software is the most lucrative business on the planet (why you want this for the future)

7.1.2. Proof you can build lucrative software products without any knowledge of software, and with minimal risk by sharing our framework and a few case studies Stories a small town iowa kid built a multimillion dollar software company without any funding How a 22 year old kid in new zealand went from $200 to $100,000 in bank Troy Lavinia, Trading time for money, $100,000 / month business, but stuck. Launched 6 figure software product in months

7.1.3. Then we're gonna share EXACTLY how we did a $750,000 launch starting with a list of 200 people and by giving away less than 10% of our revenue to affiliates.

7.2. But first... let's talk about the most important word in business.

7.2.1. How people are using this work to shift their businesses Ferris Where does he invest his money Fried How did he shift his business Andreeson Software is eating the world

7.2.2. Whats the word? Predictability

7.3. Software is most lucrative business

7.3.1. Big names... but people in the IM space are doing it too Give content away Build software that supports it Content is trending free Mike Koenigs Digital Cafe Kajabi Clay Collins

7.3.2. Content is trending towards free Create killer software Give away content Ex Kajabi

7.3.3. Benefits Low turnover rates High lifetime avlue Recurring renvue Building a sellable asset Building something you're happy to share wth the world Combines margins of web businesses with recurring revenue of utility companies Scalable

7.4. Software is crazy lucrative... and you can also lose your ass if you don't know what you're doing. Key is getting hte idea right from the beginning

7.4.1. We're going to teach you how to find lucrative ideas Idea extraction and validation Why we believe in starting without ideas 12 steps of idea extraction Opt-in For idea extraction cheat sheet Different levels of ideas Build the Info Pack Collect Money Presell Package Build Scale

7.5. Case studies for proof

7.5.1. Paperless pipeline demo ave lifetime offer Built in 8 weeks, $8K, no idea

7.5.2. Troy Levina

7.5.3. Sam Ovens Case study No idea. Browsed job boards to see who was hiring. Found property inspectors Started emailing -> "Strange question" Find the Pain. What do people say "Ughhh.... i have to do THIS today?" SnapInspect Idea Gets all the info and contacts a development shop. They put quote and package together... $100K Goes overseas and gets it done for $5K Doesn't have $5K. So he mocks up a prototype in Keynote and gets 10 people to wire him $500 bucks (he lives in NZ) to build the first version Now SnapInspect is a six figure compnay w/in a year. $200 in his bank account to having over $100K now.

7.6. Product Launch Case Study

7.6.1. How we did a $750,000 launch starting with an email list of 200 people, no paid traffic and less than 10% affiliates Interview model Get famous person to interview your student Treat affiliates like hot chicks Frank kern example MIALS formula for doing writing video scripts The offer How to write killer copy script and watch over shoulder

7.6.2. 5 biggest lessons How to create landing page videos that convert like crazy Watch over teh shoulder Landing page converted at 40% 50% engagemetn after 8 minutes How we used the interview model to get ridiculous amounts of traffic for free Get students on interview sites Use interview sites to get traffic The formula we used to get our videos shared 7000-8000 times MIALS Snowball effect Mixergy -> RISE -> Smart Passive Income -> Forbes Launch blunders Merchant account issues. Tech issues. Ultimately -> $800K in sales + anohter month of billing. Less than 10% affiliates. List started at 200.

7.7. Where we're going

7.7.1. Vision

7.7.2. Take responsibility for customers using our info

7.7.3. Where we're at now Where we want to be (pitch affiliates)

7.8. Pitch

7.8.1. You can't join the Foundation. We only open once per year.

7.8.2. Regardless if you want to do software or IM or a phsyical business, you must know how to launch products.

7.8.3. Here's the problem... most is just content based. Personally, when I learn the most about business is when someone opens their business to me. and let's me see what they're doing. Most importantly... someone a few steps ahead. When i was in corp america and dane was making like $30K/yr, seeing that shifted everything beause i saw whats possible

7.8.4. So we've decided to open our backend and share all the details about our launch for the first time. You'll get swipe files. You'll see our launch calendar and how we segmented the list. You'll see swipe files with open and click thru rates. We've also built a product launch checklist... Which is the exact process we used to launch The Foundation.

7.8.5. you'll get all of htis for $1000.

7.8.6. But here's the catch. last night we were drunk and talking about how cool it is to be up here. and we wantedt to do something special. so we talked to yanik and decide that for everyone who buys int eh next 5 minutes, we're going to cut the rice in half. So you can sign up right now and you'll get the case study... the checklist... the group coaching program for only $500.

7.8.7. Flow -> Can we offer something? Great. We're SUPER excited to offer something because this is something I've personally wanted somebody to create forever. Going thru mass control and PLF, all i wnated was the actual swipe file. Best way to learn is to watch people actually do it. Screw theory. Just show me what you did. I can't tell you how many times i look at swipe files for emails... every time i do a launch, i want a swipe file for the launch. I wnat to see exactly the calendar people used, the emails, the sequence, etc. We've built exactly that. We turned this into a full blown case study. You get all our analytics. Revenue numbers. Swipe copy. Partner recruiting emails. Plus our checklist we used for how to write sales pages, how to do a product launch. Everything you need to launch your own product.

8. Anyone can do it

8.1. Key before anything is getting an idea people will pay for

8.1.1. We have a rule... nobody builds anything until they have at least one paying customer

8.2. How to come up with profitable software ideas, no matter where your business is

8.3. Case studies of software businesses

8.3.1. Sam

8.3.2. Troy

8.3.3. Dan

9. Millions of entrepreneurs

9.1. Launched Foundation

9.2. Vision

10. Case studies

10.1. Sam

10.2. Dan

10.3. Troy

11. Audience Interaction

11.1. Funny Stories

11.1.1. Burning man

11.1.2. Frank kern hot chics affiliates

11.2. Participation