GlobalOutlook WBS

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GlobalOutlook WBS by Mind Map: GlobalOutlook WBS

1. Installation

1.1. Provide Environment

1.1.1. Filestore (NFS) Storage

1.1.2. Database (MySQL) Master Slave Database User Version and host system setup

1.1.3. Apache instances Site Configuration proxy/ajp configuration Certificates Domain CalDAV/CardDAV Wildcard

1.1.4. Loadbalancer HTTP UDP MySQL

1.1.5. Firewall Open-Xchange software repository access Pub/Sub Multiple IMAP Database

1.1.6. Mail system

1.1.7. Log Host

1.2. Provisioning

1.3. Install OX HE

1.3.1. OperatingSystem

1.3.2. OX Packages Basic Authentication USM/Active Sync Autoconfig OXUpdater OXtender for MS Outlook CardDAV/CalDAV

1.3.3. OX Configuration Initial Configuration Database User AJP Connections Pub/Sub API Keys Syslog

2. Training

2.1. Administrator

2.1.1. Install/Config Workshop

2.2. Customer Care

2.2.1. First level support

2.2.2. Second level support

2.2.3. Third level support

2.3. End User

3. Customize Open-Xchange

3.1. Theming

3.1.1. GUI

3.1.2. Oxtender Mac OS X MS Outlook Mobility

3.2. GUI Plugins

3.2.1. Upsell

3.3. OSGI server Plugins

3.3.1. Upsell

3.3.2. Config Jump

3.3.3. Spam

3.4. Custom Login Form

3.5. Authentication

4. Acceptance Tests

4.1. Performance - JMeter

4.2. Autom. Tests

4.3. Requirement document

4.4. Config review

5. Migration/Import

5.1. Migration tools

5.2. Test migration

5.3. Prod migration

6. Preparation

6.1. Detail Workshops

6.1.1. Operations Database Network Hardware/OS Architecture Sizing High availability Storage Log Host

6.1.2. Provisioning User Tenants/Contexts Groups Resources

6.1.3. Reporting Users Open-Xchange

6.1.4. Basic Integration Authentication Mail IMAP SMTP Push Mailfilter / Vacation Customer self service

6.1.5. Custom Plugins (optional) Upsell Folderbaum Alternativen Connection to Provisioning Branding GUI Web App OLOX2 Hostname SPAM Cloudmark SPAMAssassin SPAM Settings SMS/MMS Backend Bundle Optionen Password-Change Wizard Configure Services / Mailprovider Tab Mailaccounts Plugin Configure Mailprovider

6.1.6. Migration Contacts from existing Webmail Calendar from existing Webmail Settings, other..