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Super 8 by Mind Map: Super 8

1. About the movie

1.1. And then we wrote a small text about the movie.

2. Film review

2.1. Celine's review:

2.2. Lukas

2.3. Emily's review:

2.4. Adam

3. Horror films

3.1. Horror films we have seen

3.1.1. The Ring

3.1.2. Paranormal activity 1,2 and 3

3.1.3. Freddy Krueger

3.1.4. Scream

3.1.5. Saw

3.1.6. Den sidste time

3.1.7. Kollegiet

3.1.8. Sinister

3.2. Discuss if there is another genre than horror in the film

3.3. Mutuel list

4. Existence and Identity

5. Viral marketing/advertising

5.1. About Viral Marketing: Viral Marketing refers to marketing techniques that use social networks to spread a message. Viral marketing takes place via. The Internet, where users on pages like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and so on, are sending the messages to each other. Viral Marketing is a modern form of mouth-to-mouth communication. It’s a pretty widespread way to advertise.

5.2. Harry Potter - Viral Marketing: J.K. Rowling did not have to do much promoting. The fans took over and created many viral campaigns on her behalf, like talking about the excitement they had over upcoming releases of books and films. Harry Potter is often trending on Twitter, Facebook events. These promotions are more genuine because they come from the fans, instead of J.K. Rowling.

5.3. Five “different” ways to promote the third Harry Potter movie, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”: 1. Give out flyers, or small newspapers, that are made like “The Daily Prophet”, without the moving pictures of course, but the same theme, text and language. I think that would be a fun idea, since a lot of Potterheads (Harry Potter fans) are very into getting to experience the Harry Potter universe, and to have look-a-like things from the movies. It would be eye-catching to people who didn’t know about Harry Potter as well. 2. Make commercials. It could be small clips from a quidditch match, or a commercial about the school, Hogwarts, or maybe even a warning about “the mass murder”, Sirius Black, that you should be aware of - something that would be eye-catching, and make people interested. 3. Give out candy that looks like the candy from the movies, and small papers with the title of the movie, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”. 4. Put up “Wanted” posters in cities, with the face of “the mass murder” Sirius Black, and something that says that he escaped from Azkaban, and that you should be aware of him. Something that maybe would mess with people’s heads, and give them interest in knowing what’s going on. 5. Make adds with gifs (moving pictures), on Facebook and other popular sites, where people wouldn’t be able not to notice them.

6. Characterization of Characters

6.1. Joe

6.1.1. Joe is a middle school age kid. His mom died in an accident in the beginning of the film. Of course it took hard on him. He really loved his mother. Him and his dad don’t get along after she died. Joe is calm and down on earth, he doesn't want to determine everything. He is obsessed by building his own model trains. It doesn’t seem like he fancies girls as much as we though he would do, compared to his age! Joe is very friendly, kind and nice. He wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Later in the movie, Alice get involved in Charles’ movie, and Joe and her kind of date or get a relationship. Joe is the maincharacter in the movie.

6.1.2. He is a middle-tall boy, with long chestnut-brown hair and brown eyes. He is thin and doesn’t get closed to be buff. His best friend is Charles. He is into Alice. Everybody likes Joe, because he is a such a friendly guy. He's taking care of everyone, like we see when they go back to the town, to find Alice. He is a really loyal friend, and you know where you got him, and that you can trust him. It seems like he is being overruled by Charles, but he doesn't really care, he thinks it's fine that he has someone who wants to show the way for him. Overall Joe is a nice guy, and he has what it takes to be the hero.

6.2. Alice

6.2.1. Alice is a middle-tall, thin, blond girl. Usually she isn’t afraid of anything, except being seen with Joe, as Joes and Alices fathers are kind of enemies. Alice is secretly in love with Joe. She is older than Joe and Charles, but that doesn’t keep her away from being friends with them. Alice is a friendly girl, and she knows what she wants to do. All the guys think that she is extremely hot, but Joe is the lucky one.

6.2.2. We get that feeling that she has a lot of friends, but actually we don’t hear or see anyone of them… She is having kind of a facade, that tells us that she doesn't care about anyone; she takes her fathers car, she expresses that she has a lot of friends and so on. Alice tells us in the movie, she dosent want to go home. At the beggening you dont know how come she dosen't want to go home, but further in the movie you find out that he is an alcoholic and her mother ran away. Alice seems like a girl who has everything, but actually the closer you get to her in the movie, it seems like she is alone and dosen't really have anyone to lean on.

6.2.3. The other characters thinks as her as a cool and pretty girl, who knows what she's doing.

6.3. Other characters

6.3.1. Cary Cary is attracted to explosive material. He is one of Charles and Joe’s friends. He is not afraid for anything! He is having relative long blond hair, blue eyes and he is not tall at all. He is always game on everything, and that’s why he’s playing the maincharacter in Charles’ movie. A blond small boy, who loves explosives, he has realy big front teeth. He has shoulder long hair and blue eyes, He tries to get his oppinion everytime but it always end ups with him doing all the things all the other guys told him too. He also seems pretty "Away from the world" He seems abit like a evolving puppy, at the start he wants to get his oppinion. But he always ends up listening to the "master" ( the other boys) They think he's funny and nice. We dont think Cary evolves realy, because you dont see that much about Cary, so it dosent seems like anything "new" happens.

6.3.2. Charles Charles is a chubby guy. He loves to produce movies, if he didn’t like it, there wouldn’t have been a movie. He is a bit arrogant and a leader type, he loves to determine. He is also into Alice. Charles is kind of a sissy, compared to Cary, Alice and Joe! Charles wants to be the leader, which we notice in the scene where Charles requires to be allowed to bomb Joes modeltrain. What can Joe say? It is his best friend, and Charles says that it will complete his movie. Charles has this superficial attitude. From outside he seems tough, but when the train crashes, we see his real side. Personally, we thought that he would keep calm, but he ran as fast as he could, not caring about where Joe, Alice, Cary or anyone else were! It doesn’t seems like Joe and co. have a problem about Charles’ need for being a dictator. Actually we think they kind of like, that someone shows the way through. Sometimes they get enough, but then they just close their ears and behave like they are listening.