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G by Mind Map: G

1. Divorce and break with the church

1.1. Catherine of Aragon

1.1.1. After 18 years of marriage to Catherine, Henry had no male heir, only a daughter, Mary born in 1516. Henry wanted a male heir. in 1527 henry decided to divorce Catherine, who was unlikely to have more children, and find a wife who could give him a male son.

1.1.2. Anne Boleyn-beheaded

1.1.3. Jane Seymour- died in childbirth

1.1.4. Anne of Cleves-divorced

1.1.5. Catherine Howard-beheaded

1.1.6. Catherine Parr- widowed

1.1.7. King Henry VIII, to six wives he was wedded. One died, one survived, two divorced, two beheaded

2. Dates

2.1. 1517

2.1.1. MARTIN LUTHER monk 95 Theses disagreed with the churches practices of selling indulgences

3. Henry VIII

4. Catholicism

4.1. Free Will

4.2. Latin Bible

4.3. Pope is the HEAD

5. Church of England

5.1. Run By The King

5.1.1. So Henry likes it