Film opening synopsis- 'The Debt'

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Film opening synopsis- 'The Debt' by Mind Map: Film opening synopsis- 'The Debt'

1. Effects

1.1. Grey effect

1.1.1. I want my film to have a gritty feeling and with this effect it can transform and add the sense of a flash back In the entire film narrative this is just a old story from the spy

1.2. Adding contrast will allow the film to look more urban

2. These little things make the scene real the lighting is natural and from the two lights in the space. This makes the audience feel like they're actually witnessing the event in real life

3. Location.

3.1. Storage space

3.1.1. Mis En Scene Cars in background Tools in background Dark full space big Edgy and urban looking

3.1.2. This is conventional to action movies Buildings like warehouses and storage spaces are used because they help make it realistic

3.2. Country roads

3.2.1. Breaking convention, research shows cities with large building are expected to be seen Makes the film stand out

4. Sound

4.1. Diegetic

4.1.1. These noise will be heard and the people on scene will be able to hear them. In the opening sequence I will be using many sounds effects and voices Fight noise, slashes and bangs Makes it more realistic to audience and effective

4.2. Non-Diegetic

4.2.1. Music Fight music will be fast and pacey. Makes it more entertaining for the audiece

4.2.2. Voice over The voice of the protagonist will have a voice over when she drives away

4.2.3. Sound effects Heart beats Gets the blood of the audience pumping and makes them feel as if they're in that postition

5. Characters

5.1. Protaganist

5.1.1. This character keeps the narrative going and as they will be appearing in the rest of the film must be attractive. The main characters costume and mannerism Costumes Black and white outfit Leather jacket The main character sets the themes of the film The protagonist is strong, independent and cunning Attractive main characters are usually good looking to gain audience straight away. Usually with good looking actors their fan base (potential audience) will watch their movie this adds more audience. Attractive cast make people want to watch the film

5.2. Antaganist

5.2.1. This character creates a problem for the protagonist and is seen as anit-protaganist Costume This character will be wearing a hoodie Urban, rough looking, dangerous Properties Rude Violent Sets the theme for the film Audience like a 'bad baddie' this is a reason to keep watching

6. Cast and Performance

6.1. Performance

6.1.1. Important they look as realistic as possible Movies project reality different to real life this means that audience expect to see what they expect to see in action movies

6.2. Cast

6.2.1. I have casted actors which fit conventions to action movies Antagonist Typical for action movies Protaganist Pretty Role Model Speaks clearly

7. Cinematopgraphy

7.1. Full body shots

7.1.1. Use in fighting scene Adds excitment and thrills the audience as they are in 'all knowing' postionn the opening scene

7.2. Medium shots

7.2.1. Get to see whats going on. Makes audience feel like they're there.

7.3. 180 rule

7.3.1. I want to break the 180 rule because i want to establish that the characters are not in any relationship what-so-ever, I want to portray a separated feeling so whatever angle is used the audience can see there is no bond

7.4. Close up

7.4.1. I want close ups on specific objects to show importance

8. Editing

8.1. Pace

8.1.1. My audience research also indicated that the audience want a fast pace film and conventional to the action film genre I want a fast pace opening to 'The Debt'. The pace will be created by a constant use of diffent shots and angles This keeps the audience attention and keeps them feeling entertained. A fast pace opening sets the tone for the rest of the film

9. Plot

9.1. The plot broken into three parts

9.1.1. 1st Protag is tied up The protagonist is tied up and has pillow over head and the antagonist is questioning her. He pulls pillow cast of face and reveals main character

9.1.2. 2nd Fight She unties her self and then they fight. She wins and leaves him on the floor unconscious

9.1.3. 3rd Back to HQ Protagonist drives away and speaks to HQ.

10. Props

10.1. Pile of wheels for protagonist to sit on

10.1.1. Urban feeling

10.1.2. Authentic and realistic

10.2. Metal pole. Weapon used to hurt protagonist

10.2.1. Sets theme of violence

10.3. Pillow case to cover protagonist face

10.3.1. Creates tension and sets theme in film

10.4. Fast car

10.4.1. Conventional to action movies