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BW by Mind Map: BW


1.1. Debug Tool Currently employees are running commands in IEX sessions, we want to remove that security risk by creating a debugging tool.

1.2. MVP

1.2.1. They can turn it on

1.2.2. Network Spec

1.2.3. Display All Records On Device

2. DB

2.1. Internal

2.1.1. SQLIte

2.2. External

2.2.1. Alloy Access

3. interface

3.1. Physical

3.1.1. Warbler Device

3.2. User Interface

3.2.1. Routes Homepage Doors Visuals Reset Reader Show

3.2.2. Ports 4443

4. Users

4.1. Devs

4.2. Installers

4.2.1. Build rapport with Installers They should feel comfortable calling us with feedback.

5. Priorities

5.1. Current Tasks

5.1.1. Display Connections At compile time, dictate which views will be supported

5.1.2. Display All Records

5.1.3. Add Crud For Credentials Decide on route

5.1.4. User Guides How to turn Birdwatcher on Application.ensure_all_started(:bird_watcher) Special Button Sequence How To See Network Specs Navigate To <device-ip>:4000 How To Edit Credentials How To Reset Device Data

5.1.5. Sync via AA Add Warbler Via Controller

5.1.6. Enable With Button Sequence - IN PR Sequence Triggers Application.ensure_all_started(:bird_watcher) Add Function To Hub

5.2. Tickets

5.2.1. Card Decoder

5.2.2. Alternate DB Do we still need this? Next Iteration

5.2.3. Crud for Credentials

5.2.4. Add Password Auth

6. Project Management

6.1. Scrum Sessions

6.2. Scheduling

6.3. Make New Epic

6.3.1. Next Adventure

6.4. Update Board

7. Design

7.1. Homepage

7.1.1. Edit Credentials

7.1.2. DB Visual Confirm /visuals See All The Records

7.1.3. Links To

7.1.4. Reset

7.1.5. OverView Network Spec Physical State Which Readers Are Talking Reader Records Verify Via Jeff Might be built out in the door view

7.1.6. Landing Page Psyical Stuff Hooked Up Any Readers Inputs/Outputs Doors Rectangle with in rectangle Mimic LED on Board Property Table Possibly To Deal With The PubSub Event, BIrdwatcher is just gonna be listening Use Phoenix.PubSub Possibly? Door View See The Relationships

8. Schema

8.1. Broker

8.2. Reader

8.2.1. Shouldn't have more than 2

8.3. Credential

8.3.1. Pin Number

8.3.2. Card

8.4. Door

8.4.1. Shouldn't have more than 2

8.4.2. View Already Built

8.5. Card Format

8.5.1. How and where do we display messed up Card Formats

8.6. Input

8.6.1. Shows

8.7. Output

8.8. Scheduler

8.8.1. How and where do we display messed up schedules