JusT DO Miracle

Groups will work in pairs to encourager inter-team collaboration Assess the draft business plan of the other team 8 min present to the other team on how to improve the business plan, with 2 min question time Use Mindmeister (http://www.mindmeister.com/) Critique assessment criteria: Accurate summary of the other team’s business plan Level of constructive criticism Presentation of the critique Response to questions

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JusT DO Miracle by Mind Map: JusT DO Miracle

1. Service

1.1. Competition

1.2. Assumptions

1.2.1. Sourcing Equipment Healthy Food

1.2.2. Location New or Existing?

1.3. Future Services

2. Market Plan

2.1. Market Size

2.1.1. Identified the target audience

2.1.2. The core benefit to join JusT DO Miracle loss weight healthy life

2.2. Demographics

2.2.1. Age 15 to 60

2.2.2. Life-cycle stage people’s leisure choices

2.2.3. Gender Exercise will not be limited to gender

2.2.4. Income above the average income level in Australia

2.2.5. Social class people preferences for choice of gym type

2.3. Competitive Analysis

2.3.1. strategies provide a diversification of services

2.3.2. main competitive large gym such as Fitness First

2.4. Marketing connection of Revenue

2.4.1. focus on continuously developing awareness

2.4.2. use profit to cover expensive for ensure long term goals

3. Operating Plan

3.1. Deliverable

3.2. Continual Innovation

3.2.1. Strengthen Customer Relations

3.2.2. Identify Customer Needs

3.3. Organisation Structure

3.3.1. Senior management Marketing/sales Fiance Administration HR management

3.3.2. No Company Ownership

3.4. Internal Analysis (Strengths and Weaknesses)

3.5. Value Chain

3.5.1. Marketing & sales activities can interacted with tech-related companies

4. Executive Summary

4.1. No Problem Analysis

4.2. No Solution

4.3. No Recommendations

4.4. An Abstract of Business Plan

5. Financial Plan

5.1. Cash Flow Forecast

5.1.1. No specifications for operating costs and start up costs

5.2. Profit & Loss Forecasts

5.2.1. Numbers are not feasible

5.3. External Funding & Investor Return

5.3.1. Need to specify the different types of assets and liabilities in the balance sheet.

5.3.2. No reference to investor returns or benefits.

6. Thank you!