Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorders by Mind Map: Eating Disorders

1. What are some available online resources?

1.1. Facebook

1.2. Twitter

1.3. Other external websites

2. How was this first acknowledged as a social problem?

2.1. What is an eating disorder?

2.2. Why is it a social problem?

2.3. Future implications

3. What are the current statistics?

3.1. 2012

4. What complications could result?

4.1. Health

4.2. Social

4.3. Family

4.4. Personal

5. What are the different types of eating disorders?

5.1. Anorexia

5.2. Bulimia

5.3. Binge-Eating Disorder

5.4. Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified

6. What are the demographics?

6.1. Gender

6.2. Race

6.3. Age