Perspective 3: Before Going Global

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Perspective 3: Before Going Global by Mind Map: Perspective 3: Before Going Global

1. 3) The key start up challenges Zhang faced

1.1. lack of standardized business processes incl.

1.1.1. Project management processes project charter CCB project planning perform integrated change control

2. 2) How the project should have been approached by the organizations (before the project manager was involved).

2.1. Yida should have worked through key questions "checklist" in going global strategy. e.g.

2.1.1. "Is going global the best option for your business?"

2.1.2. "Do you have a sophisticated business plan"?

2.1.3. "Have you invested in the readiness of it?

2.2. Yida chose the most risky path to business expansion

2.2.1. the adventure path of trying to expand product at the same time as expanding market - instead of

2.2.2. focusing on expanding to new products (i.e. improving AHZ but continuing to sell only in China), or

2.2.3. focusing on expanding to a new market but selling only the current product line (i.e. selling AHZ but to markets outside China)

3. 1) The risks, especially preexisting risks in the category “client” and/or “organization”

3.1. Organizational Risks

3.2. lack of standardized business processes incl.

3.2.1. Contract Review Process

3.2.2. Decison-making process

3.2.3. Product development process

3.2.4. Account management