Addressing Sleep Disorder

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Addressing Sleep Disorder by Mind Map: Addressing Sleep Disorder

1. Plan

1.1. Define Root Causes

1.2. Capture Ideas

1.3. Prioritize Ideas

1.4. Define Action Points

2. RootCauses

2.1. Lot of work

2.2. Small Kid

2.2.1. Wakes up multiple times at night Needs feed Needs soothing

2.2.2. Keeps crying often

2.2.3. Demands individual attention throughout

2.3. Tensions / Stress

2.4. Possibility of medical cause

2.5. Was always used to more sleep - a bit lazy earlier

2.6. Not able to manage multiple tasks - needs to better organize / prioritize

3. Ideas

3.1. Logical

3.1.1. Better parenting Make baby sleep in bouncer with vibrations ans soothing music

3.1.2. Foster better habits Meditation Regular exercise Early to bed early to rise

3.1.3. Take some sleeping pills

3.1.4. Reduce mental stress Take tasks off the mind by putting them down in a list - this way the mind can concentrate on one thing at a time Instead of going it alone - talk to friends - vent out some of the pressure building inside.

3.1.5. Improve efficiencies Measure how much time is going into which activities and see if this can be optimized Doing similar things together can avoid context switching and improve efficiencies

3.2. Creative

3.2.1. Body massage

3.2.2. Go on a holiday - change rutine

3.2.3. Try hypnotism

3.2.4. Celebrate the fact that more things are getting accomplished - make the person feel special

3.3. Intuititive

3.3.1. Alleviate Baby problems Is the baby teething - if so give a teether and some pain relief medication Check whether the baby diapers are comfortable and dry - of not change brand / try something new

3.3.2. Take a break

3.4. Organized

3.4.1. Reduce quantum of workload Hire a domestic help Postpone non-essential tasks watch less TV Start delegating tasks to others to reduce quantum of workload Enlist help from family members and friends Put the baby in a creche

3.4.2. Manage the kid Ensure that milk / baby feed is available very close by during the night create kid routines

3.5. Cautious

3.5.1. Medical investigation For Kid For Parent

3.5.2. Get some counceling

3.6. Optimistic

3.6.1. This is just a passing phase - things will get better autmatically

3.6.2. Is this even a problem - maybe this just means that the sleep time has reduced - but you are still getting 5 hours of sleep. That should be enough. Maybe this means that you're less lazy than before ... you're just more hardworking

4. Prioritize Ideas

4.1. High Priority

4.2. Medium Priority

4.3. Low Priority

5. Action Points

5.1. Action Point 1

5.2. Action Point 2