How do I experience the world, get my work done, and get enough sleep?

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How do I experience the world, get my work done, and get enough sleep? by Mind Map: How do I experience the world, get my work done, and get enough sleep?

1. Time Management

1.1. OEE analysis

1.2. Task sprints

1.3. Value analysis of things you do

1.4. Checklist

1.5. prioritize

1.6. Task roadmap

1.7. Project management

1.8. Schedulesleep in stone

1.9. Hold sleep constant

1.10. Save for later + schedule it in declared time slot

1.11. Low information diet

1.12. dont watch television

1.13. Dont read newspapers

1.14. Get info via informed friends

1.15. Hire informant

1.16. skip meals - use a feeding tube and fall asleep

1.17. Schedule EVERYTHING - don't do anything not on your schedule

1.18. set a timer on everything (auto off)

1.19. eat all meals in 1 sitting

1.20. power naps only - no long sleep

1.21. save time by exercising while in the shower

1.22. trash TV and video games

1.23. 80/20 social networking

1.24. take public transportation and do work/sleep during travel

1.25. hire personal assistant

1.26. Dual Scheduling

1.26.1. Work out while having a business meeting

1.27. hire nanny

1.28. routine - make it and stick to it - get better and faster and more efficient at life

1.29. Plan out busy weekends and holidays to avoid oversleeping

1.30. Large groups congregate to ride bikes, go hiking, go running, lift weights at a gym...

1.31. Make breakfast a time for social gathering

1.32. teach your children independence - they make meals, laundry, clean, etc.

1.33. teach your children job skills - pay them to do your work

1.34. Make exercise a time for social gathering

1.35. Eat well by getting catered food delivered to work

1.36. Cost-benefit analysis of tangential exploration

1.37. Awareness of culturally valuable exploration VS time sink exploration

1.38. Keep curtain open for sunshine in the morning

1.39. Have your coffee ready - brewer with timer

1.40. Set a target for everything - Getting out of bed, off of work, going back home

1.41. maximize productivity when traveling - email, work, recreation, & business

1.42. quit 1 bad habit every week

1.43. quit all hobbies


1.45. Behavioral Modification

2. Technology Tools

2.1. Pocket Planner


2.3. Software tools


2.5. Pocket (app/ webapp)

2.6. Work with pen and paper

2.7. schedule based on weight

2.8. turn off push notifications (email, other alerts)

2.9. turn off internet

2.10. turn off electronics for set time (including phone)

2.11. don't have internet at home

2.12. use a computer that doesn't have connectivity

2.13. walk over to people to communicate

2.14. send less email

2.15. Use Path to keep in touch with a small # of close friends/ family

2.16. TiVo for internet content-save for later, aggregate content you might like

2.17. Install tldr browser extension to power through online content

2.18. Structure web searches based on level of prerequisite/ background knowledge(develop new search engine to do this)

2.19. RescueTime for regular life off of a computer

2.20. infuse warm breakfast smells in the house before waking

2.21. gaming schedule

2.22. schedule on pinterest

2.23. tic tac toe/bingo to-do list - see yourself cross it off and win prizes

3. Better Sleep

3.1. Acupunture

3.2. polyphasic sleep (

3.3. white noise

3.4. Drink warm milk

3.5. Do yoga

3.6. hire professional full-time personal masseuse

3.7. Transitional Music - play music to transition between activities (eg: Taps in the evening, William Tell in the morning, etc. fit to motivate specific activity)

3.8. Can diet affect sleep needs and day-time energy?

3.9. Track sleep

3.10. make sleep a priority

3.11. Avoid smoking/second hand smoke for better sleep

3.12. Early dinner - avoid red meat

3.13. Night cap if needed

3.14. Do not exercise 2 hours before bed time - bring down energy level

3.15. Track children's sleep cycle. Irregular pattern can lead to insomnia

3.16. Urge friends and family to keep a schedule similar to yours

3.17. Go to bed at exactly 10 pm according to a study

3.18. How much do you value sleep VS. How much do you value the things you do when you're not sleeping?

3.19. How can one analyze tradeoffs?

3.20. How much sleep does the individual's body require to be fully rested?

3.21. Fully alert?

4. Balancing Tools

4.1. take vacation

4.2. Big rocks first

4.3. Quit job

4.4. make a job out of sleeping - sleep research? meditation coach? blog about sleep?

4.5. Reduce cash outflow

4.6. focus only on things you want to do

4.7. learn more to become more valuable at work/ get work done faster

4.8. hire a virtual assistant

4.9. sustained focus

4.10. deep work

4.11. rethink purpose in life

4.12. relocate - change jobs, redefine life

4.13. do the bare minimum at work

4.14. 4HWW

5. Changes in the Bedroom

5.1. Buy a comfortable mattress

5.2. Listen to Audio books

5.3. Keep the Room Cool

5.4. Do some easy stretches before going to bed

5.5. Fluffy Pillows

5.6. Deep Breathing

5.7. Listen to water,whale or dolphin sounds

5.8. Listen to calming Music

5.9. Read a book

5.10. Imagine a storyline

5.11. Use Aromatherapy

5.12. Use Ear Plugs

5.13. Fake Yawning

5.14. Cuddle

5.15. Sleep Posutre

5.16. Eye mask for Darkness