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Everyday English by Mind Map: Everyday English

1. Complimenting

1.1. It looks really great on

1.2. Wow! That's looks really good.

1.3. I didn't recognise you.

1.4. You look fantastic/ great...

2. Encouraging/Responding

2.1. Encouraging

2.1.1. You'd be great as a...

2.1.2. This would be ideal as a...

2.1.3. I just imagine you...

2.2. Responding

2.2.1. You might be right,actually.

2.2.2. I hadn't thought about that.

2.2.3. You've got a point.

2.2.4. I don't think I could cope.

3. Expressing preferences

3.1. Asking about preferences

3.1.1. Do you want +to-inf...?

3.1.2. Do you fancy + ing form...?

3.1.3. Would you like+ to-inf.?

3.2. Expressing preferences

3.2.1. I'd prefer +to+inf./noun

3.2.2. I'd much rather +bare inf.

3.2.3. I'd rather not...so keen on...

3.2.4. Not really.I'd rather...

4. Narrating Experiences

4.1. Expressing feelings

4.1.1. It was a huge weight off our shoulders.

4.1.2. What a nightmare! At least it's all over now.

4.1.3. It was driving me mad.

4.1.4. I'm so pleased it's over.

4.1.5. I should have known better.

4.1.6. I just couldn't believe my eyes.

5. Deciding on food/drink

5.1. Asking about food/drink

5.1.1. Have you decided yet?

5.1.2. What would you like to start with?

5.1.3. Would you like ...?

5.1.4. What about something to drink?

5.2. Replying

5.2.1. Yes,I have /no, I haven't

5.2.2. That sounds ...I think I'll have...

5.2.3. I'd like a...

5.2.4. No,thank you.I'm fine.

6. Complimenting/Thanking

6.1. Thanking

6.1.1. Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

6.1.2. Thanks for saying so.

7. Feelings

7.1. Asking about feelings

7.1.1. How are you?

7.1.2. What's wrong with you?

7.1.3. Is everything OK?

7.1.4. Are you alright/ angry/upset/pleased?

7.2. Replying

7.2.1. Well,it's been a...day and...

7.2.2. The thing is I...

7.2.3. Actually,...

7.2.4. To be honest,I...

8. Expressing advantages/disadvantages

8.1. Expressing advantages/disadvantages

8.1.1. One of the main (dis)advantages of...

8.1.2. ...What is more,...

8.1.3. The worst thing about is...

8.2. Agreeing/Disagreeing

8.2.1. I suppose you are right.

8.2.2. I (don't) quite agree on that

8.2.3. I'm not all sure I agree with you.